Server Map Size

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Our map on the creative server is over 1gb now. As we are running a RAMDisk, the entire map has to be loaded into RAM. As a result, this is taking up lots of space that should be allocated to running Minecraft itself.

In the coming weeks, we will be trimming our map to remove all the chunks generated by players who have wandered off into the distance for days on end. Additionally we will be implementing a map border. We will be doing some testing to see how big we can leave the map while still being a reasonable file size. Don’t worry about the map being to small; it will still probably take a very long time to reach each end.

If you have any structures in the creative server over 5,000+ blocks from spawn, please post the coordinates. The map will most likely be 10,000x10,000.

Don’t forget, Minecraft 1.0 launches soon!

Hopefully the borders won’t look like the classic server borders. I will check my structures, just to be safe.

I haven’t seen a building 3000+ blocks so I think we are all safe.

Hm anyone know how far the planned Atlanta perimeter loop is? :L

The way the SMP borders work are that you can still see into the distance (rather than just empty sky), just that you can’t go past it.

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