Server Maintenance

I have recently updated the server software to build 493 of Bukkit due to lagging 50 versions behind. Although this has (finally) fixed the teleporting lag issue, it has as usual broken a number of our plugins.

The following plugins are now incompatible:

[li]Player stats fixed[/li]
[li]Grief restoring fixed[/li]
[li]Fence Stacking[/li]
[li]LWC fixed[/li]
[li]Permissions fixed[/li]
[li]Zone Protection fixed[/li]
[li]iConomy fixed[/li]
[li]Monster kill rewards fixed[/li][/ul]

The only solution is to wait a few days for fixes to be released. Until then, please note that the map may have to be fully restored should griefing take place in the mean time.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

New Plugins:

[ul][li]Unknown command notifier (finally)[/li]
[li]Inventory viewing[/li]
[li]Sponge fix[/li]
[li]Towny (still implementing)[/li]
[li]Armour and tool repairing (still implementing)[/li]
[li]Auto messages every 5 minutes[/li][/ul]

No problem, as long as that annoying long rendering chunk issue is gone for good. Although, most of us have been deranked to the normal rank(includes me too)

Yup. The permissions/rankings/colours are all broken now.

Update: all money balances have been restored