Server is going to be down for a bit.

So that everyone understands:

Back up, all’s good now.

It will also be appreciated if people could hang on and not make multiple posts and threads regarding the server being down until it is announced by a staff member for a green-light to come back on the server.

jw, are you doing maintenance on the server?

No they just took it down because they can.

Good Reasoning Fili lol

are you guys going to rest the creative map ? is that why the server is down ?

I cry erytime :’(

If you would PLEASE read the quote I put in the topic, you would understand that this isn’t the case.

This is so funny people are so dumb ;D :smiley:

Make sure your server is fed, bathed, and gets plenty of rest daily…

robotic do you think its funny ? how about you shut the fuck up

Woah, chill man. No need for any hostility here :slight_smile:

I certainly hope what I just did fixed it all. I updated Essentials to the newest working dev release. Server started without the error this time. Please tell me if anything seems off.

I have backups of the files I replaced as always.

Update found here. Chat, Spawn, and default plugins taken. I did not see that we used the other ones.

We were using vPre2.14.1.3. Not positive what version this is, but there have been many mini edits. Could not find download from their dev pages.

Yes, I know we use Bukkit. I hope the Spigot version works just as well.

Hey, I just tried to join but it say’s that i’m not whitelisted. Omg im so excited to get back on this bloody server ahaha

Got it. I think someone set it to whitelist only to stop people from coming on. It should work now.

You’re a legend :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey mate just a quick thing. Creepers are actually destroying blocks now. Not sure if they are supposed to be doing that okay cheers haha

P.S. modify your post, don’t double post pls!

I changed the gamerule for now. We can deal with creeper settings later.

[size=14pt]Nice addition Kyle!

Knowing me, I’ll be next to someones building, a creeper will creep, blow up, staff will be there, and I’ll get a temp ban or whatever. Just my luck. Not trying to be like ‘‘Hey! Turn the creepers off!’’


All in good fun, Frog. All in good fun.