Server is broken

Can some staff member please get on the server, it seems that the server is broken :-
Everyone is at different places that when they leave the server and we can’t use the /warp and /home commands!

I got trapped in some old map thing then i died and lost my two best diamond pick axes, 4 Stacks of QUARTS. About 6 Stacks of stone and 2 Stacks of stone slabs >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
Is there a way of getting it back because it wasn’t my fault i spawned in some market map thing and couldn’t get out

Also we spawn in old survival and the only warp we can use is the nether one.

Shiiit… Coming on

it seems that the survival2 map doesn’t exist ! We have to wait for some admin to fix it xD

We have to remain calm xD

Oh deer this is bad! :-\

Diagnosis: Survival2 Map no longer exists, all warps/homes are broken, survival map is the old one. A restart hasn’t fixed it.

Is there any possible way to do a Huge serverwide rollback or a restoration?

Coming online

Should be able to fix it.

We’ve now figured out the issue. Please wait whilst we fix it!

Also lots of people are running out of food and due to not being able to get to normal survival we will soon all starve. Is there some way we can have like a temp food bank thing?

You could not go on the server until it’s fixed…

Multiverse needs reinstalled.

then, Survival_2 needs imported.

yeah but asking me not to go on the sever is like asking Jeremy Clarkson not to use “POWER” (if you get the understand the reference)

Dynmap is also broken


When can a admin fix it?

I think it is fixed now. Please PM me if it isn’t. I’m at work.

It seems to be fine :smiley: Ty @_specialk

so i get on to see my inventory was replace with my creative shit and i lost all my items