Server has crashed. i think

While we were in the server i made a dome using in world edit. not sure if it caused this but shortly after the server crashed , i think, But from what i see it is stuck in an infanite loop. I know this can happen, so i thought of an idea. What if we made it so that we can Reboot the server/kick people/ban people via irc?

EDIT! From what i see it is in an infanite loop stating that: zakrox96, Matt3000, leothellama, Hard24get, MegaMegaMan123, 121wer, lphil32, and gggeeee are all online.

Yes it is a loop, and ive seen people banned from irc, but that may be for creative only.

EDIT: BTW we do need a remote reset for OP+ or something, because we have enough ops that the server should almost always be up.

I know a guy who might be able to code that. and hook us up with an irc bot

Pretty sure we were talking about this earlier and one of the admins is already working on an automatic reboot when the server crashes

HAHAHAHHA i KNEW IT and here i thought it was because of the trees ;D

Yes, anything like that (OP chat, banning, undo) is shown on SMP, due to the /opchat command now functioning as the IRC link for creative.

NOTE: That means OP’s on creative should NOT discuss private/management issues using OPchat, use /whisper (name) to PM other people on the server. Hopefully fatso will add in another command for opchat, and rename the opchat to something like IRCChat.