Server down or not?...

I’m not really sure if it’s me that can’t connect or the server is down. The error I’ve been getting was JAVA.NET.SOCKETTIMEOUTEXCEPTION: READ TIMED OUT I read that it means either the server is out of ram, or firewall/antivirus is blocking it…

I’ve checked the player list, there were people online, checked the front page, people online, so I went to the IRC and yet, no one responded. Then I tried to go to the server maps, it wouldn’t load. I also tried to log in from a different user account on my computer, sadly, no luck…

So is it me or the server? I can’t really tell :-\

It is infact down.

How many times has this happened

ic ic, now what am I gonna do at 4 in the morning?.. :<

It’s ten at night here , also were can I post a guestion about creating a let’s play ?

Do what all guys do at 4 in the morning…

Valo, I already do live streamings, but minecraft is laggy.

Oh thanks

What most guys do at 4 in the morning… Drink beer?..

Let me put the factors together.

One Guy
All alone
At Night
A Computer


nnrnhg… at least that’s what I think they do…

Yeah, you guessed right.

He s to young


Well this is a nice, family friendly discussion going on here…

Heck yeh :smiley: