Server Crashed.

The server is currently in an infinite loop, the cause of this is possibly the recent use of world edit. Sorry for any inconvience this has caused.

When will it be fixed?


The moment somone goes on the Command box for the server and reboot it.

well that sucks >:(

Do you have a rough estimation?
And who used the World Edit?

Also, I believe the loop was caused (in part) by my going into the dome, which was just outside the Pumpkin Forest.


How could he possibly have a rough estimation? Its whenever Andy looks at his comp and realizes the server is down

Okay, okay. Sorry. I thought that they had to get someone else to fix it, that’s all.

Just saying man, nobody can tell.

Rebooted, sorry for the wait. The infinite loops as said before are the result of a bug when lightning strikes a painting (Bukkit issue). It is not caused by world edit or any other such causes.

How is lightning even hitting any paintings? Did anyone place paintings outside? Perhaps we should temporarily ban the use of paintings outside until Bukkit is fixed.

This is lightning we’re talking Kyle. Extremely rare chance of it hitting a painting in the first place.

Now if this were a continuous event then maybe something would need to be done.

Yet it is happening…

IT HAPPENED AGAIN!.I think a solution to this would to allow ops to TURN OFF rain whenever it starts to rain. and dont give me that Survival crap BS. If the server has a chance of going down when it rains. Then we need to stop it from raining.

Yes! it also causes unnecessary lag…

Or get a plugin that stops lightning from occuring.

I hate rain too, it does cause extra lag and it makes everything super dark, it’s just a simple command for the weather so maybe hard has a point giving OP’s weather control. Can’t really hurt anything can it?

You guys now have access to /weather.

/weather sun
/weather rain
/weather storm

I expect this to only be used for preventing lightning (not rain, lightning storms) as it should be treated the same way we do with /time.

do mods get this? because it could be even more useful if we do. with the amount of mods increasing we have more people able to be on the server to kick griefers. if we can use this we can also stop the unnescesary crashing while no OPs are on.

gggeeee I think that kind of defeats the purpose of the mod rank itself, its more of a training rank to become an op, as ops have many more responsibilities. As for stopping the server crashing while no ops+ are on there are usually op+ on and that kind of occurrence shouldn’t happen that often (although that prediction hasn’t been so reliable).

And just a reminder, any staff member caught abusing these commands will be demoted, no questions asked.

As of now, people with access to these commands ONLY have permission to use /weather sun.