As the title states the server crashed and i lost all of the items in my inventory… And this is the second time today.The first time i lost all of my enchanted tools… i managed to remake them with some left over enchanted books. I also bought a Looting 3 sword from AZZA today for 1.7k that i lost as well… aside from that i lost alot of other items. The first time it happend I was AFK, the second time was around 3:30am server time.
Items I lost that I want back:
Diamond Pick: Efi 4 Ubr 3
Diamond Spade: Efi 4 Unb 3
Diamond Axe: Efi 4 Unb 3
Diamond Sword: Looting 3 Unb3 Sharpness 4 Fireaspect 1
Full Diamond Armor: All regular
5 Stacks of rail


Still not resolved :frowning: I lost a silk touch 1 diamond axe, an efficiancy 3 unbreaking 2 fortune 2 diamond pickaxe, a few stacks of spruce slabs, 43 cooked beef, and iron boots. (That’s all I can remember)

I’ve put them all in a chest next to you.

It seems you put the enchantments that were supposed to be on the pickaxe, on the axe instead… xD Also, the axe had silk touch 1. Could you fix it for me? Thanks :slight_smile:

Okay. Now this is fully resolved.