(*!*) Server Commands List (*!*)

Staff Note: This page is no longer up-to-date. Please use the command page at: http://projectcitybuild.com/commands.php for an up-to-date page.

This is in relation to the PCB survival server, not the Fallback server.

Each rank down the list inherits the commands from the previous (ie. Trusted will have all of Guest’s commands).


Default / Guest:

[ul][li]/msg, /whisper, /tell, /m: This allows you to private message another player.[/li]
[li]/afk: Sets your status as AFK, which can be seen using the /whois or /list command. [/li]
[li]/rules: Displays the rules.[/li]
[li]/motd: Displays the motd (Message of the Day)[/li]
[li]/me: Allows you to emote. (_andy lobs a lobster across the room). [/li]
[li]/list, /who, /playerlist, /online, /L: Lists the players online and how many slots are left. [/li]
[li]/mail: Allows you to send, recieve, and read mail from other players on the server. [/li]
[li]/helpop: Requests help from online admins/operators.[/li]
[li]/ping: Replys with a “Pong!”. Generally used to make sure Essentials.jar is working correctly. [/li]
[li]/help: This displays ALL the help for ALL the plugins installed[/li]
[li]/home: Teleports you to the location of where you last used the /sethome command.[/li]
[li]/sethome: Sets your home position at your current location. [/li]
[li]/spawn: Teleports you to the global spawn or group (Permissions) defined spawn area. [/li]
[li]/warp: Teleports you to a specified warp location or lists all available warps.[/li]
[li]/money pay: Pays ___ amount to a player[/li]
[li]/money list: Views the top money holders[/li]
[li]/money rank: Views your current rank in terms of money[/li]
[li]/repair : Repairs an item.[/li]
[li]/repair cost: Tells you how much it will cost you to repair an item.[/li]
[li]/repair damage: Tells you exactly how damaged an item is.[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]/depth: Displays your current block depth in relation to sea-level. [/li]
[li]/getpos: Displays your current coordinate location in the world. [/li]
[li]/compass: Displays your current bearing in the world. [/li]
[li]/back: Returns you to your last position after using any kind of teleportation commands (/warp, /tp, /spawn, etc…). When using this command after dying, it will transport you to a safe deathpoint.[/li]
[li]/tp : Teleports you to player [/li]
[li]/tp <y : Teleports you to ,, (Can be decimals)[/li]
[li]/tp up: Teleports you up to the top of your x, z location[/li]
[li]/tp jump: Teleports you to the block you’re aimed at.[/li]
[li]/tp qjump: Toggles quick jump, where you jump to the block you right click (must have an item in hand)[/li]
[li]/tp back: Takes you back to your location that you were previously at (can be stacked up)[/li]
[li]/tp origin: Goes back to your original location before all the TPs and clears your history[/li]
[li]/tp clear: Clears your TP history.[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]/whois: Displays a specified players money, real name (if using a nick), and afk status. [/li]
[li]/clearinventory: Allows you to clear your own inventory or the inventory of a specified player. [/li]
[li]/broadcast: Displays a specified message to all players on the server. [/li]
[li]/time: Allows you to switch the world time between day and night. [/li]
[li]/tree: Spawns a specified tree 2 blocks in front of yourself. [/li]
[li]/bigtree: Spawns a specified big tree 2 blocks in front of yourself. [/li]
[li]/ban: Bans a specified player. [/li]
[li]/banip: Bans the IP of a specified player. [/li]
[li]/kick: Kicks a specified player off the server. [/li]
[li]/unban: Unbans a specified player. [/li]
[li]/unbanip: Unbans a specified players IP address. [/li]
[li]/money withdraw: Takes __ amount of money from a player[/li]
[li]/money deposits: Gives __ amount of money to a player[/li]
[li]/tp here … : - Teleports one or more players to your location.[/li]
[li]/tp here *: Teleports everyone to you[/li]
[li]/tp … to : Teleports one or more players to player [/li]
[li]/tp to *: Teleports everyone to player [/li][/ul]

[ul][li]/spawnmob: Allows you to spawn a specified mob with an optional mount, with Slime-size support.[/li]
[li]/kill: Allows you to kill a specified player. [/li]
[li]/nick, /n: Allows you to give yourself or another player, a nick name. [/li]
[li]/god: Makes you invulnerable to all damage types. [/li]
[li]/heal: Allows you to completely heal yourself or a specified player. [/li]
[li]/kickall: Kicks all players off the server.[/li]
[li]/setspawn: Sets the global spawn and/or group (Permissions) spawn to your current location. [/li]
[li]/setwarp: Allows you to specify a named warp at your current location. [/li]
[li]/delwarp: Removes a warp location by warp name. [/li]
[li]/money reset: Removes all the money from a player[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]/gc: Displays chunk, memory, and world information. [/li]
[li]/reloadall, /rel: Reloads all of your plugins. [/li]
[li]/plugin: Allows you to enable, disable, or reload a specified plugin. [/li]
[li]/give: Allows you to give another player a specified item. [/li]
[li]/kit: Allows you to retrieve a defined set of items, called a kit, by its name.[/li][/ul]

LWC (Chest protection):
o /lwc -c public Create a public protection (anyone can view/modify, but not protect)
o /lwc -c password Create a password-protected protection
o /lwc -c private Create a private protection
* /lwc -m Modify an existing protection
* /lwc -u Unlock something (when asked)
* /lwc -i View information on an already protected inventory
* /lwc -p Activate a mode if it is not blacklisted
* /lwc -r <protection|modes> Remove an existing protection or all modes activated on you
* /lwc -a LWC admin functions (includes limiting, etc)

Inventory Checker / Cleaner: (because I’m too lazy to put it above)
* /wipe - Wipe all inventories of online players on the server.
o /wipe -f - Wipe all inventories & quickbars of online players on the server.
* /clean - Clean your inventory without harming the quickbar
o /clean -f - Force clean the entire inventory.
o /clean [player] - Clean another player without harming their quickbar
o /clean [player] -f - Clean another player’s entire inventory.
* /scan [item] - Scans every online player to see if they have the item
o /scan [item] -r - Removes 1 of every item from every player who has it.
o /scan [item] -f - Removes every instance of item from every player who has it.
o /scan [item] [amount] - Scans every online player to see if they have the item under amount
o /scan [item] [amount] -r - Removes the amount of item from any player who has it.
o /scan [item] [amount] -f - Removes every instance of item from every player who has it.
* /scan [player] - Verbose scan of a players inventory (Possible client crash due to Notch Line length / color bug)
o /scan [player] [args] - Does the same for a player as the item scanning.
* /preview [player] - View a players inventory and store yours for later
* /replace [player] - Replaces a players inventory with yours.
o /replace [item] [with] - Globally replace an item with another in everyone’s inventory.
o /replace [player] [item] [with] - Replace an item with another item in a players inventory.
* /restore - Restores your inventory after you are done viewing another players inventory

Zone Protection:

  • Guest: Build: False | Destroy: False
  • Trusted: Build: False | Destroy: False
  • OP: Build: False | Destroy: False
  • SOP: Build: True | Destroy: True

doesnt this need editing i.e add donator rank and commands and isnt “/back: Returns you to your last position after using any kind of teleportation commands (/warp, /tp, /spawn, etc…). When using this command after dying, it will transport you to a safe deathpoint.” for donator now not trusted

also hasnt the lwc commands slightly changed?
if not ignore what i said :slight_smile:

This list is from the beginning of our SMP server. Lots has changed since! I’ll get round to editing it when things are nice and stable again (1.4 and 1.5 were a killer)

Ok , didnt mean to be pushy i just thought it was a forgoten thread but i guess i was wrong :slight_smile:

Andy I’ve tested the commands for mods that should be added to this list:

/tp commands

Forgot /poof and /vanish and /mute

Really could do with an update on this list :slight_smile:

While old, this is certainly helpful knowing what commands Op know. I’d like to be able to learn what commands Mod may use, and any possible commands that were added since the last changes to this thread.

Hopefully you see this with my post, Andy.

I know I’m bumping an old topic, even though this is a sticky, but could someone please edit and update the list of commands? It’s just that there are a lot of things that were added and it would be quite helpful if Members, for instance, knew all the commands they have access to. Thanks (:

Try this page :wink:


Should we unsticky as it’s no longer needed?

Oh, I actually didn’t know about that one. It seems more updated and organised. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Glad to help :slight_smile: