Server close

As I said in the title of this the server is closed I don’t know why some guy was greffing in the market me and a bunch of other people went to try and stop him but PVP was disabled he stole a lot of items from item frames’s spammed to all over the market and then was banned by ouhi but about a minute and a half later the server closed it looks to me like a hack or ouhi close the server but I’m just wondering what the heck is going on

I’m waiting on an admin to come fix it as it won’t let me restart it.
Please be patient.

I was wondering why the server closed, thank you for the info. I was worried the people who griefed had managed to shutdown the server

Thank you for the info but can I get the ETA on the server being backup

Thanks for the info! I was about to get on but the server was closed. I hope everything is fixed and back to normal soon! :frowning:

I hope a admin gets on soon :confused:

I rly need to finish my stuff.

Also is there a chance of a major rollback like 10 hours??

There was a 4,000 block grief in the Market done by 4 people, (Its what Ouhai told me before the server total shutdown)

!!! That’s a fair bit. This seems like a good time to ask a market related question: Was it built in survival or creative mode?

4000 o.0 well i bet they griefed my shop >.>

And ovbiously survival. They may not have creative but they probably have some kind of Insta block breaker :frowning:

The grief and rollbacks had nothing to do with it as far as I can tell. Ram was normal. It’s something else caused it.

My theory (100% Unconfirmed or untested ;)) The griefers may have just hit the SHUT.DOWN.EVERYTHING button meaning they hacked it. Don’t yell at me for it but knowing other things that happened in my absence (DDOS anybody remember?) Just a prediction based on previous events

There was 4,000 blocks scattered around. My god, redstone blocks, lamps, glass, Savanna wood, stone, Anything that’s a block was placed atleast once!

Ive been on a few pvp servers that were always ddosed… well
they made the servers laggy, but didnt shut them down :/…

but yeah im geussing it was a ddoser and a client ahcker.

Any Confirmation/News Ouhai or somebody on Staff?

we will just have to wait.

You guys are funny.

Jx, please. You’re being very impatient.

Hope nothing really bad has happened!

Also, jx! There is a modify button. Use it! ;D

UPDATE: the griefing materials (glass, logs etc) were bought from Johnlh (next to ferrs store) store if you look at the economy shop stuff. so it probably wasn’t a hack.

well they couldve bought the items and have a spam clicker/spam builder??

Awwwww… Man…