Server Changes

  • PVP is now back on in the survival worlds

  • Death chests have been added for donators:
    Death chests now work differently. You have to create a home chest, where your items will be stored when you die. Create a doublechest and place a sign above it that says deathchest. When you die you can type in /dcport to teleport to your death chest. XP is not saved. Again this is only for donators, mods and OPs.

thats uber neat. glad to have them back. im still missing my items again from a few days ago. dunno if i died or what happend. =/

How exactly does PvP work because back when I played there was no PvP? is there a toggle? do both players have to talk beforehand?

It should depend on where you are. Some areas are protected so PVP can’t happen.

When I died as well I lost all my stuff so probably something that happened to you as well…

lovely. if at all aplicable. when im next on (in a few hours) if i see an OP/Admin can i get help getting at least my sword back please?

Did pvp change or something? Are people able to kill now, or is it the same where the two have to know about it first?

No change. We just got it working again is all. Please agree to PvP before killing.

i will for everyone, except YMB =P

IS the bottom bar broken for anyone else? Mine is.

Yea it shows a messed up pm bar…

we are already talking about this in Website Management… but thanks for letting us know your don’t work either XD