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Hi guys! As you may know I’m makin a new city, no this does not mean Little France is dying. I want a new challenge and I want yall to give me house ideas!
What do you have to do? Well I want everyone to have a part in this city so below put your dream house!
You may also leave request for almost anything, fountains, statues (please don’t make them too difficult), parks, literally ANYTHING!! So have fun!! Thanks y’all! <3 :-*

If you wanted to, an amusement park would be cool. Just search up “minecraft park” and you can find some cool ideas.

Personally if I was to build a city I think something really cool to have in it would be a horse racing stadium. Idk if you would want to do that but if you like the idea I would be glad to help you.

Anything from the Old West like a fur trapper’s cabin or a saloon :slight_smile:

Think a big shipping port would be nice, I know there are some avid ship builders in PCB.

All great cities need a Starbucks :wink: xx

I was gonna build Meydan Horse Racecourse in Dubai idk if you want to build it xD

Costa* - I’ll just fix that mistake for you :slight_smile:

All great cities need both? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if you stick a Starbucks in your city, there’s no guarantee that they will pay tax…

Lauren, you should have a



in your city.

::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:


Eh. That’s true I guess. XD

Could I steal your idea and make a horse racing track in Samville if I get unbanned? I was thinking maybe the one from GTA V if I did make one! XD

Yeah go for it!

Okay, thanks! I’ll make it when I’m unbanned, do you want to help or anyone else want to help?


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