Serious question

So i like this girl and she likes me and i want to discretely ask her out via email. Any suggestions?

We never became friends. Just acquaintances then this

Via email???
God no! You have to ask her out for real!

But its night and still im shy and stuff

Be the man Sword! Ask her out in person! Just be really cool about, don’t have it be to fancy of a place. Being brave wins ALL the ladies. :wink:

Gotta say, I agree with the above advise. It may be difficult, but if you think theres a chance the feeling is reciprocated, I’d say go ahead and ask in person. Everyone knows how hard that is, and respects it, and if your feelings are well founded, the question should be all the more likely to succeed.

Best of luck to you.

After all, women do like guys who are upfront and blunt as compared to shy and keeping a fling via technology.

You don’t have to look cool and super confident, only I can do that! Just kidding (Or am I…)

No but seriously, don’t look like you’re shitting yourself but just tell her how you feel.
There is no shame in telling someone how you feel.

Start of little conversation with her casually. Then say: “I wanted to talked to you about something”

But tell her you like her, you enjoy her company, you think she’s beautiful… be sincere!
DO NOT use the word “love” (obviously)

Complimennnnts! Compliment the shit out of her!!! Girls like that!!!
Then ask her if she would like to go out with you.

Best Situation: She loved the compliments. She’s yours!
Worst situation: She loved the compliments but she doesn’t feel the same way. However, she won’t laugh at you cause you been so nice to her, sayin’ she’s beautiful and all.

Just don’t as her like that: “hey, you want to go out with me?” too blunt, so unromantic…
Inserted at the end of a conversation where you make her laugh and smile!

ugh ill just ask her if she will go out with me sometime or something

Minimum: tell her you really enjoy her company and that she’s beautiful.

I know cause I’m French, its in our genes…

Jacques Dutronc - J’aime les filles (1967)

Do people still even use email? I forgot it existed.

Never EVER use an e-mail for that because she/he cannot read the feelings behind it and it can be seen as a stupid joke …

just talk to her normally like you always do and don’t wait too long!

Face to face. Even if you seem super nervous doing it that’s not a bad thing, to her it will probably seem cute. It’s difficult, I’m shy too, but its better than emailing. If you do really want to email though, tell her the reason you’re emailing, you’re shy etc, that way the “cuteness” is still there, although not as much.

No, it isnt. Dont use email for that.
If youre too shy to ask her out face to face, what about when youre on date? You’ll have to speak to her face to face eventually anyways, so better do it right away.

I second what basically everybody else has said. Telling her by email is basically saying “Here’s some stuff, I don’t care enough to actually tell you in real life”. The same applies to text and other similar stuff.