SERIOUS map rollback?

I did a lot of work in the last few days, and it all has been undone…any idea why this is? And it isnt only me, my friend Cruleworld put fences in my house(a joke), and thats gone too.

an op rolled back the server for 1271 minutes, the spawner i built was absolutely destroyed because of that shit

WHAT!??! That is insane.

And who might this op be? If someone is going to make a rollback of that severity, other ops/sops/admins need to be alerted of it. And I don’t think there is anything that major that can require a rollback of a whole days work.

So should we undo the rollback?

Is there any more information on this available? Is is serverwide, or around a certain area? Any idea who did it, and why?

I have a house near spawn that is missing a lot of things i did, and a farm all the way across the map affected. So, I am assuming server wide

well I’ve already told liam this but i was around right before it happened and right after, i wasn’t on right when it happened as i was eating breakfast, but as i remember someone had griefed and riizza wanted to roll it back so he asked wolf how because he didn’t know, but wolf also didn’t know. then i went off and when i came back on all the shit was rolled back and riiza was gone

This is what I had heard to Valo!
I pissed because I finished my WHOLE farm for the contest and its COMPLETELY gone!

:’( I have so much that I did. I had a half finished barn that took me hours to build. I still had a ton of stuff to do. D: RAGE.

Edit: That barn took me around 4 hours to build!!! It had my chicken coop that took me maybe 50 eggs to get a chicken in there, and my animals are now ALL OUT of their pins and some have been killed do to the change in dirt level. That thing was HUGE, I nearly had it ready for the event.
If we do undo the rollback, could i please get some new animals, that was really hard to get them to stay in the pins. I am pretty sure i have no more pigs now, since they got stuck in the dirt and suffocated.

Someone undo the rollback. That’s just ridiculous rolling back the entire server like that. Only selected areas or players should ever be rolled back.

Please do it soon, i really wanted to finish my barn today. Also, is there any way i can get some spawn eggs to replace the animals i lost? Please, it took me a real long time to get all those animals there. It would really help out a lot.

IF someone can post the command I can do it. Is it just /redo?

Well i went and looked at some of the log block commands. I tried to do a redo in a certain radius so i didn’t screw anything up to bad. However it only said that there was a one block change, and when i did it, it never really said the block was changed. Then i tried a player redo, it still didn’t work. So now i am gona go see if the entire redo would screw up the server to much. If it looks like a bit to big, then i will just come back on here and say that i didn’t try it. I would hate to screw the server up when i am trying to fix it.

Edit: yeah i can’t get it to work. :confused:

K so I checked for blocks I could redo within a day and that was 6.7k, and only 600sum redid. I’m SURE there were far more changes than that. I’m guessing someone deleted the log after they rolled back, so now we cant redo…

K, would like to confirm, I just checked where myth’s barn was and there were 11blocks to redo over the past 5 days. So someone deleted the log after they did it.

I was not aware the entire world could be rolled back at once. Theoretically, yes, but the server can handle that?

This kind of error is not acceptable. Someone is in need of retraining and should likely have a temporary demotion.

To those that already reported loss, I will reimburse you for some (all if reasonable) of the loss if we can’t fix this.

I can easily fix mine, but I would just really need pumpkin seeds, since i planted all of mine, and lost them. I had around 24 of them.

Edit: I made a chest for you to pick it up in. It’s on the spawn boat. In the first room. Password is the first 4 numbers of your IP.

i lost en entire mob grinder, if you could reimburse me the 14 signs it took to make and the 100 arrows i lost in the chest i would be thankful.


Well like i said, i over a few hours of work. I also lost a few iron shovels and axes. Since i had to dig out the dirt for the floor and a lot of other stuff, then i had to cut down a good bit of tree. It used all the different kinds of trees. My barn was massive, sip came by and i showed him how huge it was. I also would need some spawn eggs for the animals since most of my pigs suffocated in the dirt, and my chickens where let out of their coops, and got eaten by the ocelots. DX I’m still upset at how much time and effort i lost in that build. I was barely able to find the layout for my barn again.

As far as I can tell this was either wolfcupcake or Kedji EDIT: Derp, I meant RiiZA. (Somehow I read Kedji instead…) Can either of you shed any light on the situation?