Serious ask me anything.

No stupid questions, go.

what is your bank account details?

Whats your most embarrassing story. Go on, you know you want to divulge :stuck_out_tongue:


  • I walked right into a milionairs belly (I didn’t get any money tough =p)


Yes I am a=p


[size=24pt]What is your NAME?
[size=8pt]blue no yel AHHHH

  • Marco
  • Blue

Do you have the ability to eat (reach with mouth) your toes?

What happens when a unstoppable force collides with a immoveable object?

What is your Social Security Number, who would you say was the most helpful staff member to you? And what is my favorite color? And explain Einstein’s theory of relativity.

-STAY tuned for the question speed round-

Nothing is immovable and nothing is unstoppable…

When does the narwhal bacon?

When an unstoppable force collides with an unmovable object, they will either cancel each other out, or the unstoppable with still have it’s momentum but not go anywhere till the unmovable object moves or the unstoppable turns.

I think…

Unstoppable force:

Immovable object:

Well this got off topic :P…

Well, technically its impossible for both to exist at the same time, they contradict each other. So i suppose the answer was meant to be ‘Nothing, as they cant exist in the same space time.’