Hey Guys,

Although it says this is not me this is my new name to allow access to PCB. As you may guess I was extremely dumb-founded when I looked to log onto the server for the first time in close to a year. I recognize that my leave was very abrupt but life got very difficult and I needed to deal with many difficult decisions. Therefore, I would just like to say I have changed all passwords and I believe I have succeeded in re-aquiring my Mojang account. Finally, I would just like to say that my reasons for posting this is that I would like to receive perhaps a mild rank up as a result of my considerable leave and just to let everyone know that this is me.

Thanks and I’m glad to be back.


My opinion, it was clear that it may not have been you. I myself would be for at least trusted, perhaps a Moderator phase to have you back.

Long time no see, Semi.

SEMI!!! Get Ka back on here too! Glad to see you bud!

Wait wait wait. WAIT.

Why is Ka_52, Orcair (A supposed alt of ka’s) and a username named Polecat on your IP?

According to his tracking page, Staff App Bot has also used the same IP, so there’s something strange about it.

Haha the reason that ka and orcair are on my ip is because he is my brother. The other account i have never heard of but maybe that is him too. Anyway hope thats sorted good to see all you guys again!

Completely forgot. XD
Yeah, the Polecat IP has me a little confused, but alrighty.

A lot of names are under that, including a name of a friend of mine that I made an account for on the site. They never logged into it, so their IP is the site and all of that by default. May be a similar thing.

We will be discussing this now. Semi. Please give us time, and you will be let known when a decision has been made!

Awesome thanks guys!