Seemingly nice songs...

Seemingly nice songs…

…with dark lyrics/meanings.

Starting off with a fairly obvious one:

Ed Sheeran - The A Team [Official Music Video]

1st verse:
Sets the scene, someone with pale skin just having taken cocaine.
The day ends and they have no money, so they sell their bodies.

She takes Class A drugs. In the UK these have most severe penalties (eg. heroin, cocaine, meth ect.)
She’s still young, but she’s wasting away.
Her life is crap, but she’d still do anything for some coke.
She doesn’t like the work she has to do.
When she isn’t selling her body, she smokes meth or crack.
There is no hope in this life.

2nd verse:
Too poor to afford new clothes.
Sometimes she waits all night in the rain and doesn’t get a client.
She takes whatever money she can.
She has no phone so has to roam the streets for work.

That’s edgy as fuck

Because I was totally trying to be edgy and didn’t just want to make a random post.

Someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to sing that at a remembrance service we had in school last year. I guess they didn’t study the lyrics much. Imagine a large amount of war veterans sat in a school hall while someone is singing “go mad for a couple grams.”