Secret Santa!

[size=24pt]Seasons greetings everyone! :slight_smile:

[size=12pt]Its that time of year again, where we all have a few days off work/school, sit around doing not much at all, and eat a ridiculous amount of food! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s also the time of year for giving, and here at PCB, we’re a generous lot!

[size=12pt]This year we are running a secret santa. The event will be in survival and you will have the opportunity to gift someone else in the community something that they can appreciate and use.

For those of you who are asking ‘What the heck is secret santa’ or those who are unsure how this will work in minecraft, please read below.

[size=18pt]What is Secret Santa?

[size=12pt]Secret Santa is a christmas event where each person who wishes to participate enters there name to a ‘hat’. You will be allocated a name and you must give a gift to that person. People’s names are then distributed out to other participants and you should keep that name a secret even after the event is over. :-X ::slight_smile:

[size=18pt]How do I participate?

[size=12pt]If you wish to participate, please post below with your username. The cut off date for participating is the 19th of December.

PLEASE NOTE: If your email address linked to the forums is not suitable, please private message me with your correct email address as this is how names will be distributed. This system ensures no one receives there own name, and that not even I will know who has who’s name :slight_smile:

[size=18pt]When and where will gifts be distributed?

[size=12pt]I’m yet to determine a time, but the system we’re planning should allow for those who can’t come on at the organised time can still participate. To view the event, please go to ‘/warp xmas’ which will take you to the creative town of ‘Christmas Cove’. From here you can use the button warp to your right to visit the PCB christmas tree!

[size=18pt]Questions? Comments? Post below!

I’m definitely participating!

I would love to join in! Tigerx112

Yep, awesome idea! ElydoreMD

Obvs me

Count me in!

I would like to join!!! _Claudia =D

Sure! Happy [Very Early] Holidays!



PrinceMark - Participating


Omg add me in XD Wolfy9

I’ll participate, and even consider bringing non-game content into it, perhaps a Steam title or something.

PM me on forums with the name when distributed, the email I have associated with PCB is long unused.

yay free stuff!


Add me to the nice list, because I’m in!

Omg I’m so offended it’s Happy Holidays I’m gonna sue you for singling others out omg

Yeah you ignorant piece of shit how could you @VRA

jk <3

I’m in (Amphitryon)

I hope we can all come together to remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas. I mean Jesus died…

…so that stores can cash in on the holiday right?

Ill join!

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