SebertkillerZ - 27th of September, 2014


Minecraft Username SebertkillerZ

Date of Ban 27th of September, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Saintnizair

Reason for Ban saying afk

Reason to be Unbanned sorry saint the afk was stuck in my head

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
14th of August, 2014

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and also stop being afk!!!

I’m not even a Mod, so this doesn’t really entitle me to anything, but I was there, and Sebert was really pissing us all off. He kept asking if he could build in Acra City, to which I told him no because we really didn’t need another 'scraper, and then he kept asking, and kept asking, but finally moved on to Greenswood (I think), Greenguyjw’s town, and repeatedly started asking if he could change everything, from buildings to roads. I could definitely tell that Saint was ticked off by the DM’s he was sending me in game and he would not stop calling him “afk man,” even efter several, if not more warnings to stop. Saint also told me that Sebert had been “an asshat” to several other players while he was on with in the past. I do realize that I don’t have much power in a situation like this, but I say stay banned for harassing staff and members, but I’ll leave it to the staff to fully decide.

Also, “afk was stuck in my head”??? That doesn’t mean you have to type it. You could’ve looked at his name and called him by that like he would have liked you to do.

P.S Sebert: No means no. Got it?


Sebert, over the past week, you have consistently been an annoyance (your ACTUAL ban reason was being a chronic asshat) and quite frankly, I’m not un-banning you unless you can provide a significant argument as to why not because you’ve been nothing but a moron.

because green guy hardly answers!!!

and i like to build tall buildings and then i PROMISE i will not call saint afk.

your name is saint
your name is saint

First: Don’t double post

Second: Those are some stupid reasons for you to be unbanned, promising isn’t going to convince anyone to get you unbanned, but it’s saint’s ban so i’ll leave it up to him

Sebert have you even taken in an ounce of what I said?
You behave like an asshat VERY FREQUENTLY to the community, and quite frankly if you aren’t capable of aptly responding to your appeal’s reply, i’m not unbanning you.

pls i wanna have fun this is the only server i enjoy playing pls stop being evil

Nope. Done. Leave. Now. Locking. Forums banned. Bye.