Seasonal Update [April Fools 2019]

:exclamation: Seasonal Update

Hello everyone! The staff team has just returned from our Spring Retreat, and we have a lot to share! Over the course of our weeklong soul-searching excursion, we took spirituality classes, passed down stories from the Old Ones, sang healing songs around campfires, and allowed our minds to escape into the wilderness, where they climbed trees, swam in creeks, and ate worms. Our beings are refreshed and our eyes have opened to a brand new vehicle of thought. We felt it was important to share our new teachings with the rest of our community so we can reach collective enlightenment, as was always intended.

:earth_asia: The Earth is Flat

Our spiritual awakening lifted a veil of dense fog. We are more educated; we’ve been freed from the prison of so-called “rational thought”. The deepest truths are now apparent to us: bees are our cousins; activated charcoal is the only real medicine; our hands are not tools but instruments; and, most importantly, the earth is flat.

Upon our learning, we got to thinking. PCB is a global community, with members all around the world. As we strive for an engaging and realistic city-building experience, we realized it was unfair to circulate this lie on our server. After a thorough round-table discussion, we kept cycling back to only one solution. PCB is going superflat. We hope that this decision will strike a chord with all of you and that everyone can find themselves as they circumnavigate this new, exciting, very flat world with us. Type /spawn to come explore!

:heart: We Love and Trust Everyone

Another part of our spiritual education was rooting ourselves in compassion. We evaluated our social hierarchy and thought deeply about our interactions. We thought of each and every one of you not as block-people, but as living, breathing humans. We love and trust everyone. Well, some of you we trust more than others, but that’s beside the point. That’s why everyone is Trusted now. And in an effort to exercise and teach our compassion, we’ll be issuing love points to those of you that understand and reflect our new truths.

We hope that this update proves valuable and exciting to everyone. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them below, and they will be addressed as soon as our transcendental stick temples are blown away by the high wind and we’re forced back to civilization.

And on behalf of the staff team,
Peace be with you!

MrFerf, Trusted++++


So excited for this!


Oh my god, Super flat. I no longer need to flatten terrain :clap::clap:


Officially we’re not supposed to announce these plans yet, but I’ve decided to go ahead and give you a sneak peek!

In the coming weeks we’ll be making a second server for the people who live on the other side of the flat earth. Currently these potential players have very few Minecraft servers, so we’re hoping to get into this area early.

If you’re interested in moderating this server, we’ll be taking applications from Trusted players, current staff, and the UN appointed diplomats who now have complete executive control over PCB to ensure nobody reaches the edge of the flat world and discovers the truth.

Legally required Lizard People translation

.bɒƚꙅɒwǫ bʏd ʏ |ʏmʏ bbɘɒɿɿʏɔ ᴎʏ dɘᴎ ꙅɘo bɒᴎ uɒʜɿɔiꙅ i ᙠƆꟼ ꙅoɿb ᴎwɒ| |obɘɿʜƚiɘw ʜƚɘɒ|oɘʜɿ ɒ̂ ʜɔɒ||ɘd bbʏꙅ ǫibɘᴎU bbɘo|bɘʜᴎɘƆ ʏ ᴎɒǫ bʏwboᴎɘd ɒ ᴎoibbʏmo|qib ɒ ,|obɘɿᎸʏɔ ᎸᎸɒƚꙅ ,bɘiɿibbmY ɿʏwɘɒɿɒwʜɔ ᴎɒǫ uɒbɒiꙅiɘɔ bʏɿmʏɔ ᴎʏ ᴎwbbʏd ,ᴎwʜ bbʏᴎiɘwǫ ɿ’iᴎoᎸɒꙅ ᴎwɘm dɘbɿobbibb ʜɔʏᴎᴎɘǫ ꙅɘo ꙅO .bɒƚꙅɒw ɿɒɘɒbb ʏ ||ɒɿɒ ɿʜɔo ɿɒ wʏd ᴎ’ʏꙅ bo||ɒᎸbɒm ʏ ɿɘᎸʏǫ ɿɒ bbʏᴎiɘw |iɒ buɘᴎwǫ ᴎʏ ᴎwbbʏd Ꮈɒꙅɘᴎ uɒꙅoᴎʜƚʏw ɿʏ ᴎY


I’m happy to hear that the server will be spreading the love with love points. In a way, I’d imagine them as baked cookies, because cookies are baked with compassion. I also like knowing I don’t have to guilt my way in taking down anymore trees now that the world is superflat. Because of this revelation, I can only assume that the sky is truly the limit and all those photos of humans on the moon is a lie. Anyways, I can’t wait to see the server finally embrace its new teachings with the community!

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An excellent observation! I can confirm that, starting today, all PCB donations will be spent on research to discover who (or should I say what…) is funding NASA to lie about the existence of space

Peace and love!


I, for one, welcome our new robot diplomat overlords!


i HATE April fools

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This is a step in the right direction! Open your eyes people! Open your eyes!


Oh this is no joke bud! The world is flat and so is Mars!

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Alas, our temples are blown from the earth
Pieces have scattered from Brisbane to Perth
Rational thinking has made its return
Inside our campfires old stories burn
Lest we forget of the things we’ve replaced
For these are reminders of truths once embraced
Off with abandon we’ll send the abstruse
Once we’re aware of the changes ensued
Lest we forget of the things we’ve replaced
Someday we’ll look back and think with distaste:

“Who Let Ferf write a whOLe damn essay?”

I Feel likE that was pRobably more Fun for me than y’all.
Oh well. Get reAdy for next Year.