SCP_055 - 10th of August, 2017


Minecraft Username SCP_055

Date of Ban 10th of August, 2017
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by LachedUp

Reason for Ban Claiming spawners in other towns, name calling, and hindering other players.

Reason to be Unbanned Hello all! This is my 4th ban appeal (of all time), so I think there is a slim chance of success here. Unban is not the reason I am making the Ban Appeal, the success rate is already low and I see no chances of it actually working. However, I wish to give some insight into what actually happened.

Some days ago, I rejoined the server after an extended absence. I wanted to build in survival, and though there w as ample room around my building, I wanted to join up with some other people, maybe start a town. Thats when I noticed Slim talking to HiPixels about a new town. I joined up, built many things, (house, tower farm, sugarcane farm, leather farm, mines, hidden bunker, and an entire mob grinder from scratch, including the egg for the spawner), and had a great time. I also hung out with Ryan and his friends on the other side of Ash(insert city ending) from Lismouth.

This is where the trouble began.

HiPixels wanted to extend his reach towards them. This does not make a lot of sense, because Ash(dale?) was inbetween the two, but an arguement still ensued. This marks the beginning of Nuxrav militantism.

At some point, an arguement with him and I ensued, in which at one point, I insinuated that he was a “nazi”. I later apologized, but this is still important (-1 point, I was being a total dick here).

Later, I understood from another player (probably superchrome2005, but don’t quote me) that HiPixels began taxing his patrons. I sent him a mail refusing to pay them. The reason I did this is not because I would not pay them ,or that I could not afford to, but that this was installed without representation.

At this point I made my most incriminating mistake: copping out and asking moderators for help. Anywhere in here I could have stopped and waited for Mod assistance but my ego got the better of me.

He proceeded to take the very high road of claiming “I’m your leader, it doesnt matter what I say.” This led to a discussion later. In this discussion, I brought up his lack of skills in keeping “political unrest” in his nation. (see above, taxation w/o representation.)

Begin video

We proceded to throw mean names (note, both very immature, -1 for me again) around until he killed me, (10 minutes into vid) instigating PvP. I pledged that at this moment, beyond all costs, that I would rid this server of this boy, seeing as he instigated PVP with me.

I began to throw the greatest cyberbulling act I could upon this kid, the likes of which were really not that impressive, but I assure you, even at more penalty to my name I was trying my damnedest to piss this kid off.

I then claimed my spawner, seeing as it was made entirely by me, found by me, the mine it was in was made by me, everything about it was mine but the location. I told HiPixels that he was not allowed in (see “no girls allowed sign crudely written in crayon” level pettyness here, -1 again.) I guarded the doorway “North Korea’s nuclear arsenal”, my very impressive bow, until I managed to kill him again. Again, even if it is another point of damage I need not say, I tried my damndest to steal everything he had, but alas, he was too quick with /tp (which I never authorized him to do but I mean his stuff was on the floor, I would have done it). HiPixels began to be nationalist towards my country somewhere in here (I now realise I may have been using this word wrong, I thought it was nation:nationalist::race:racist). He began calling me “rude names”, killed my wolves, (may I emphasize this, killed my wolves that I spent at least an hour bringing themone or 2 thousand blocks to move them there by hand) etc.

I bickered with him for some time before LachedUp joined the server. Lached was initially balanced, but upon seeing my detirmination to do whatever it took to rid the server of this mental cesspool of a minor, she had to do her job at some point. During this time, I sincerely apologized to Pixels, and I meant it. I was being an absolute tool to him. However, I never retracted my free offer of one flame power 5 punch 2 arrow, applied to the head, only redeemable at my spawner. After he tried to enter the room, I gave him the opportunity to leave, by walling off the entrance. After he broke in, I put locked doors down, and he still got past them. I didn’t want to kill him and tempt fate any further than I was already going down, so I instead verbally refused to let him in and told him that I would kill him. Pixels contiues to be an annoying tw*t, and takes the even higher road of only wanting it so I can’t have it.

Penguina showed up somewhere in here. She [laughed in hidden]. Lach had to do what they had to do, but at least I went down swinging.

Of note: not once have I blamed Pixels behaviour on age or Donoritus, even though they are big factors here.

tl;dr: Pixels decided he was a macho man and has earned his right to my things because he “owned the land” it inhabited, I tried my damnedest to keep him off of it, using reciprocated PvP and walling off my areas.

I will not be bullied by a tyrant. I will not be stolen from without prior consent. I will not let those who abuse their ill-gotten power (I essentially, but not totally, built most of the town and provided many resources from my previous travels) use my resources. If the only way I can prove his dishonesty and rudeness is by taking the ben-bullet then fill the chamber and hand me the gun because whooooOOO boy do I need him to leave me and my friends alone. Apologies to time wasted by mods reviewing this absolutely garbage situation.

I care about this server. I care about the people on this server. I care about the atmosphere of benevolence on this server. I am not a victim of mods, I am a victim of a player.

Video should be uploaded at if it works correctly. Please ignore the fact that my mic was on and I was breathing heavy. The fact that I am possibly the worst inhaler in the world need not apply here.

Does what I say matter? After all, we are all just assholes playing a block game. I do want to show my commitment to the situation and my HONEST TO GOD DESIRE to return to this amazing server that I have been a member of for 2 1/2 years. I’d hate to never see that grey star.

As stated in the preface, I don’t expect anything to come of this, so goodbye to all.

Eric, Anabeth, and Rodger, thank you for all the maymays and your lodging and planning of England, the city. Sorry for those 23 levels Rodger.

Though I haven’t seen you much recently, thank you for your help, PrinceMark (ie Britney, although at this point its a stale meme) and jmvvana.

Thank you to all the staff who work on this place and get little to no recognition for it and constant prodding and poking for help.
You probably want to play the game just as much as we do, and you can be whisked off every other second to help people. I also see that this paragraph is really kiss-assy but I do not mean it as such.

To HiPixels: I mean you well. You have a bright future ahead of you on PCB. In my opinion, however (for what it counts), you must learn to be a better leader or step down. You cannot treat people this way.

Thank you, one last time. All of you.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
[ !! ] Do not edit this post or the formatting will break.

SCP this is a temp ban, and you will be unbanned in 5 days. Although both you and Pixel were being petty about the matter, you continued to do what you agreed not to after Hipixel stopped arguing. I was trying to make an agreement between you two, but rules are rules. When you return to the server simply build elsewhere.

ps. this appeal was very entertaining to read

I will not return if HiPixels is not barred entry to the spawner (change to my policy here) UNTIL he drops his tax on the people and agrees that he may make rules against the population but he does not own private property of citizens. I promise to buils elsewhere, mute HiPixels, etc (whatever demands are made). He can come back any time once these rules are officially written on a sign somewhere Magna Carta style. I wont come back to a server who lets people do this simply because of “ownership of area” whiich is dumb, because by the same logic, I could claim a whole map on server reset and not do anything and tax anyone. It’s only a matter of degree.

Or even worse, maybe its because he is a donator.

I’m setting a clock for 5 days. Please (and of this I humbly plead) make this happen.

edit: I never agreed to let him back in. I only apologized for being a dick.

Mark my words.

I am not the mayor of Ashtown. I the only right I have in their town is to build etc… and make decisions with Viltsu. I let them expand Ashtown as I could see their town was getting filled. I did not tell them to expand further and I had told them no more until they are full again. The issue was resolved yesterday, with me and Erika making a border that was fair.

My militarism never started as a thing to PvP (which I don’t want/IS BANNED IN NUXRAV) and ruin others. It is a basic ‘army’ (I put it ‘’ because it isn’t even proper) that is for basic defence. Basic defence means protection from people who try to hurt us and mobs.

I did not implement the feature of tax, Miles did. Got a problem with that? Go to him. Since Hywel has told me to remove it or get money in another way I listened to him. I will remove the tax as much as possible but you still can donate $$ and resources to Nuxrav. Instead I will work on the economy and focusing on exports.

Yes I was immature, I threw back what I had left. But you saying that I started PvPing you is wrong. I did kill you multiple times but You sniped me behind my back (not actually) and hit Joshua. From my freshest memory, you hit me first. I shot back because I tried defending myself. This technically counts as PvP but still you started it. You threatened to kill me you saw me in your sight which I responded trying to make a threat back by saying I would grief his buildings (I wouldn’t, it’s just a threat…), but he ‘kept’ his threat and pointed a bow ready to shoot at me when I came up close to his spawner.

People have their rights to their building/whatever, but it doesn’t mean you can bar me up. I did say I am your superior etc… but he was being hypocritical stating that I was demanding him to do shit around. Yet he told me to stop point a bow at him. You can’t just claim your own country in our/my territory. (It’s really actually dB’s since he is the leader.) If you want to move go away, far, far away so I can’t see you.

YES, I DID kill your wolves because I wanted to show him that he should fuck off.

Taking a break

You ‘sincerely apologised’ to me but it seemed like you directed to Lach.

Also saying sorry about the fact you called me a: Nationalist pig a nazi and a whole other things too won’t stop the consequences. I spoke to Joshua0001 about you bringing up the Nazis and he said it hurt him. So double -1. Calling me corrupt, disgusting, a tyrant, a twat or a minor won’t get you anywhere too. You tease me because I am only 11 by saying I should learn vocabulary and mocking me and others for spelling things wrong, e.g: ‘paticular’. Also I am not English is not my country and I live in Spain which doesn’t have English as a main language so double there. I will admit throwing racist things back at him trying to hurt his feelings which only added more fuel to the fire. You call me dishonest and rude. I will take the rude part but not the dishonest.

I never said I wanted to own the spawner fully. You claimed FULL credit to it. Yes you do deserve most of the credit since you were the person to find it but I was the person to make it into a farm and then we worked together to turn it into a skeleton farm. You destroyed my hard worked redstone with my permission but did not even give any of it back.

You said you were giving your got damned hardest on me yet you act like you’re the victim by claiming I am the bully when I am only trying to defend my position as fiercely as I could. Just because you made a lot of things it doesn’t mean you are the best of it (I should take that too). You say you gave most of the resources in Lismouth, not true, we actually got most of our resources from the other 2 towns and outsiders. (Thanks Penny for giving a fuck ton of wood.) So stop making yourself seem better than others (goes too me as well)

You say that you’re a victim of the mods and ME. ‘I am not a victim of mods, I am a victim of a player.’ You brought this up to yourself. From my point of view it seemed like Lach thought what you had spat out of you unclean, dirty mouth was worse. Let me tell you this; would you speak to your mother like that? I hope not because your ass would be more red that your face probably would’ve been during this argument.

This argument started over me wanting you to move armour stands because it started to make the room look more cramped. I asked you to move them and you refused. You told me to go move them myself because ‘I am the all land owner of this land’. (The quote was exaggerated, but it sounds cool…) And claiming this, THIS argument was started by the land only makes your case seem worse. This was started over armour stands, not land. But I have no choice but to go against counter the argument.

I would like to note that these people were involved, I may have not listed all but this is what I recall. (What they did will be in ().)

The list goes…
-omganator (tried to tell me to stop/was on my side)
-Erxkx (joined the shitstorm on SCP’s side)
-Giants662 (Same as Erxkx)

Let me counter each point in turn.

Par. 1: If you are not the mangement of Ashtown, why did you have anything to do with borders? Tgat seems like something the mayor there should do. You complained that they were in the way and encroached till about 100 blocks from you aimply because you wanted more land.

Par 2: I never insinuated your militarism had anytinh to do with military. If PvP is banned in Nuxrav, why did u draw bow on me before i even had a tool in my hand? And now and during the event you kept threatening me with some kind of army. What are you talking about dude?

Par 3: Even if Miles came up with the idea, you followed through with it. I’m glad to see its illegal. People were already contributing to community chest and such long before you involuntarily took the money.

Par 4: First off, you killed me first and multiple times. I only killed you once. I even had to make armor to defend myself. I did hot joshua on mistake, thinking it was you. Sorry josh, it will probs happen again but it will be an accident I swear. You threatened to grief my builds which is a serious breach of rules, dont know why you would just casually admit that, and againt I only killed you that one time, so no I did mot “follow up”.

Par 5: You should t have any rights to the spawner, bacause you may have done the redstone, but its in the open chest. I left it for you to take, you never came for it. The only reason I claim it at all is because you feel the insane urge to claim “everything the light touches” is yours for no respect for pricate property. I was even prepared to make it a public resource. I can treat it just like my house, and I shouldnt have to let you in my house. Also you killed my wolves and that is unnacceotable regardless of reason.

Par 6: mostly here you complain about me picking on you which is one of the only things I did wrong. I did and DO really apologise, its probably a little harsh for me to pick on you when its mot really a fair fight. In my opinion, which only counts to a degree, people who are not above a certain intelligence in a topic (due to ignorance, lack of abolity, or access to information) should not be allowed to lead a group concerned with tgat topic. That veing said, this server is based in english speaking countries and it is expected that you speak english enough to communicate with other oeople, its not about inclusivity.

Par 7: you did jack shit for the skeleton farm. You did a lot of work on the spider farm, but we had to reduce it because of aored skeletons. Irs all in the chest. Again, I claim full credit for the soawner, and again, I yse this example: if Im alliwed to keep you out of my house, why am I not allowed to keep you out of my soawner?

Par 8: I saud specidically the mods werent in the wrong its just thier job. And no, I wouldnt talk to my mother tgat aay, because she is ten times the man youll ever be. Insulting you is not hard to begin with but when you outeight attack my country it makes me a little mad. Nazi was uncalled for but ot had nothing to do with josh, he is not related PLEASE stop bringing him into this. I dont tease you because youre eleven, I tease you because youre immature and treat people like peons waithong to be your footrest.

Please stop responding you are being worse than MattDB with this bullshit.

I write this on mobile so apologies for spelling, and i may add, everyone corrects everyone on grammar. Its not new to you.

Actually, Erika and Giant started moaning about us expanding so much and we were squishing them, you just side with them and try to make a fake excuse. I do not want Ashtown to expand more. If 2 towns far away from each other come closer it’s okay. So try and counter that one
I know that I am not in charge of it. Ryan told me to do that, that bit is cleared.

In context this is what you put when you said Nuxrav militarism started:
Because we have bad relations with our neighbour over a border dispute, I shall start a military.
You mentioned the army first, I told you that I DON’T BOAST ABOUT IT. It’s basic, small, what you expect from a new/small country.

Yes, I did pass the law through but I’m glad to see that you are happy with my new decision. I did not ‘involuntarily’ take the money. Most people were happy with that, heck! Viltsu even donated 100$! But if you do get unbanned then I hope you do contribute to our economy (selling, buying etc…) if I you want to stay that is

You killed me twice, I killed you more, you started try to kill me before this argument. I drew my bow at you as a way to make you more cautious. (Like cats puff and seem taller). I wouldn’t grief, I made that statement to threaten you like you said you’d kill me you saw me.

I say the spawner is a public resource. I should have credit to the spawner because I originally made it into a farm. I’m not demanding much, just a sign with my user on it. If me killing your wolves is unacceptable, calling people Nazis and nationalist would be unacceptable, you also have placed item frames on my house before, broken stems of melon in our farm and more.

If you were only speaking a foreign language and no one helped you or spoke to you, would you like that? I wouldn’t and neither would you. I am not ignorant, I don’t have a lack of ability and I certainly have a lot of access to information around Nuxrav.

You can’t do Jack (get the pun?) shit from me entering your house, your house is one thing, a spawner is another. I sent you mail that I was going to make into a farm, so I should have at least the smallest bit of credit. Maybe an easter egg, I don’t know!

So me insulting your country is worse than you calling me a Nazi? I did not bring Josh into this myself, he told me that you bringing the Nazis up hurt him.
Well you correct me in a way that makes it seem like you are trying to mock me. OOF? Stop it it’s worse than Jake Paul.

P.S: I’m sorry for the argument. :-\ I don’t see the real point of picking each other, we should just find a resolution and move on with our lives, besides it is a temp ban so it shouldn’t be a huge deal.

Edit:If we can’t find a resolution that fits both of us then we may just have to dance again.

As lach said, this is a temp ban ending in five days, if you continue to argue things could change. Theres already been a verdict, and after this I’ll lock the appeal.

Both of you are being beyond petty. From my understanding, Hipixels started most of this drama but you continued to drive it and make it exponentially grow. Name calling, bullying, or any rude remarks arent tolerated. You absolutely cannot tax any player without their due consent. You can say “Hey, can you donate some ________ to the city so we can build a ________ or improve our _________” is fine, but “hello, its the daily tax! please dont tar and feather me and pour tea down my throat (shoutout to Boston, worlds best city), instead please give me all your lunch money/iron/diamonds/gold/ect.” SCP, I understand how you refuse to play if Hipixels is here, but realistically, he isnt leaving any time soon. Hipixels, if he doesnt want you to enter his home, spawner or anything like that without permission, do not enter it. Do not start unwanted PVP, no matter how upset you are, and even if it is self defense, do not retaliate. do not insult eachother, do not twist the story to staff. SCP you’re coming back in 5 days, I expect to see you then, because I miss you bro, but dont continue antics like these. Hipixels, dont start antics like these. I either expect to see you two make up and live in the city together, continuing life as it was, or I expect to see one of you move out and build somewhere else. Above all, I expect you two to get along.

as said by lach, the one who banned you; unbanning in five days, and im locking the appeal.

Side note: Do not attempt to deliver Ultimatums to staff. Saying “I won’t come back unless you do X!” Is a really bad way to ask to be unbanned, regardless of whether what you suggested is right or not. We are the ones overseeing this server and PCB policy is ours to dictate, not yours. Be happy that this did not escalate further. I hope everyone involved learns from this experience.

You told me it was your town. This makes things very different. Im sick of the arguing. Hipixels you are very very lucky you were not banned considering the things i have heard from a range of players. Dont take any opportunity to act like the victim. If I see any bad things from you in the near future pixels, consider it a temp ban. This whole argument ends here.

Thankyou JMV and Met, you made great points

sincerely, the peace keeper