Scottish Independence

Your prediction and opinions?

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I really don’t give that much of a fuck. Bit fed up of hearing about it constantly when chances are not that much will change even if it is a yes vote. It’ll just make stuff awkward for them by the sound of things.

People are quick to say yes, but in reality, people fear change. People fear what might go wrong.

just like ur born lol

What’s really happening:

What Americans think is happening:

The David Cameron one made me smile. :slight_smile:

And I know its a bit late but it’s still funny.

No won. I’m pretty damn pissed off to be entirely honest. Democracy sucks, man.

Well, from what I heard on the radio, the no vote still meant change would happen. England is supposed to make whatever the issue is better. I mean, this kinda scared them a bit as it was a real possibility.

I know I’m not involved with this at all, but I am kinda glad no won. My lineage is Scottish and I like being part of Brittan by default. They are usually cool people.

I’m glad the no vote won.

The entire way in which the refferendum took place was flawed and stupid.

The population of the UK is over 64million people. Just over 5 million of whom live in Scotland.
Only the Scots got a vote.

I think it is completely unfair for only about 8% of the population to choose something that will affect 100%.

For example, when South Sudan won independence from Sudan, there was a referendum across the entire country, not just within South Sudan.

I saw a video that summed it up very well:

(In brackets are my comments)

What you need to secede is: A clear culture and region (Check) A history of being marginalised (Kinda, although it did stop hundreds of years ago, and recently Scots are actually better off than the English) An organised government (Check) A stable economy (Debatable) No alternate options for peace (This one just doesn't apply here, as there is no real conflict) And full support from your group AS WELL AS THE GROUP YOU ARE LEAVING (There has been no way to check this, a UK-wide referendum would have done, though.)

The video in question:

I see what you mean, but I think the fact that 45% or so of the population would like independence still shows that london need to step it up. Most people I know want independence not because of “muh freedums braveheart kill english” btw. If Devo max had been an option then I would not have been surprised if that won, people don’t hate the union, people hate the ones in charge of it. And the concept of UKIP, BNP and similar style parties is really unpopular in Scotland.

And to explain what I meant by democracy sucks, I feel like it gives power to those that promise the best, the people that can talk but not necessarily act. Just my two pennies, I’m not some political genius afterall, I’m 14 for gods sake.

Agreed, this is why I generally dislike getting into political stuff, because it’s mostly fucking stupid.

Example: Oh I know how we solve this problem, all sit in a big room with leather chairs and discuss things. BUT, when someone gives their opinion, lets’ jeer at them and mock them like school children even if they’re correct, because we’re wearing a different coloured tie.

Politics can become very sensitive since everyone may think differently.

Supposedly, Cameron made a lot of last minute, rash promises without discussing it with Parliament. Essentially, he’s made promises that he more than likely will not be able to uphold. I know he’s not exactly the first politician to make empty promises, but still, on a matter such as this I believe you should be entirely honest and genuine.

Even though the vote was no, there will be many reforms.