SCORCHMASTER102 - 6th of July, 2015


Minecraft Username SCORCHMASTER102

Date of Ban 6th of July, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by I dont know

Reason for Ban That was the message. It said I was banned from this server. And then it said "Reason: Go to hell you hatefull person."

Reason to be Unbanned I think the reason I was banned was based on a biased opinion, not server rules. And the message I received was very offensive and rude. It may have been a mistake, but I am not sure. I have never done anything to get banned.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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Banned by Mr Anthjmon. What was this hateful thing you said? We do like free speech, but there is a boundry.

I don not ever remember saying anything hateful. I did criticize a few buildings, but that was about it.

I need a reply.

You wrote “fag” on a panda that I built. You also built a giant poop on top of it. This is very offensive to some players and can not be allowed what so ever.

Well you could of said that. But I apologize for doing that. It was very rude and offensive and inappropriate. I hope you can forgive me for doing that, I will make sure I will never do anything like that again. Please un-ban me.

PS: Since the creative server is resetting TODAY I think I should be un-banned.

I’m failing to understand why you did it. Some people make mistakes, but writing FAG on someone’s building is a bit dubious…

I did it because I was angry at the time that people would make random buildings in front of good buildings. I thought the person who built the panda was a non-active member. I thought no-one would see it, but apparently they did. It was 2 weeks ago when I did it and I have not been active because I was waiting for the creative server to reset. I apologize for the immature act of hate and will make sure I will never do anything stupid like that again. Please consider un-banning me.

Please respond.

Ignorance =/= innocence. And the Creative Map isn’t resetting today.

Can you explain “Ignorance =/= innocence” please?? And when is the server restart.

July 10th.

=/= means “does not equal.” It’s supposed to be this character: [size=18pt]≠
(an equals sign with a line through it, which is hard to find on keyboard layouts)

Just because you didn’t know if the person was active or not doesn’t allow for that behavior. Ignorance on that matter does not necessarily mean an unban.

I realize what I did was wrong and ignorant, but I don’t think what I did was bad enough to be perma-banned. I think I should be forgiven for what I did and have another chance. And what Mr Anthjmon said to me was uncalled for and I think he should be punished because Operators do not have permission to be that rude and non-mannered.

While, sure, he may have been a little too upset, I do not believe that’s the main problem here. YOU used a derogatory word that flames homosexuals, with the mindset that it’s okay-which it is never okay- to do it because the member MAY be inactive. Many could have been offended by said actions, and we do not tolerate it in our community.

And yes, it is a very FAIR reason for perma-ban, as it has happened to a member that only griefed someone’s build for the sake of their sexuality.

Many other people in the chat use that same word and I don’t see them get banned. They are given warnings not to do it again and they don’t do it again. I was never given a warning not to do it again. I think I should have been given a warning instead of getting perma-banned for saying “Fag”. Now im not saying what I did is ok, but the location I put the “Fag” sign is pretty desolate and remote. I don’t think many people would have seen it to be offended by it. So just ONE last chance is all im asking for.

It’s not my choice. Also, there is a HUGE difference between saying it in chat and writing it on someone’s build. In chat, it’s merely offensive. As grief, it is both an insult to the creator, and an offensive word all the same.

Well the who’s choice is it to un-ban me? But I still think that I should be given another chance for that.

The fact of the matter is you didn’t read the rules. If you did you wouldn’t have done it because no offensive imagery is a rule. That and modifying other people’s builds, along with respecting other people and not swearing or slandering directly. You broke 3 rules as far as I can see and your justification does not show me your apology nor your sympathy towards anyone you may have offended. Stay banned

It doesn’t matter where you put it as long as you put it there. That’s what counts against you. It’s like saying, well, at least the terrorists bombed the WTC instead of the White House. They still bombed it, didn’t they? I’m not comparing you to a terrorist here, it’s the first and easiest thing that came out, but you get my reasoning.

  1. The server is resetting, so it doesn’t matter really 2. I didn’t modify the building, I simply added something onto it that could have been EASILY removed 3. I did not directly slander him, I did not knowing someone was going to see it. Like building a random penis in the middle of nowhere 4. The exact definition of fag is “a tiring or unwelcome task” or “a junior pupil at a private school who works and runs errands for a senior pupil.” or “work hard, especially at a tedious job or task.” So it depends on how you take it. He could have very well took it as a compliment or a statement. So no, it was not offensive imagery or a swear word. As far as I know, I only broke one rule which was modifying others peoples buildings.

You’re a special breed of stupid. Like, it amazes me. First, I have no clue where you even pulled those definitions from, and if you wrote that word on someone’s build, you knew exactly what you intended to do with it. Not only that, but you don’t believe it should matter that you were using an insulting word by writing in on someone’s house.

Besides, you don’t even seem the least bit sorry for what you’ve done at this point, you’re trying to justify yourself. Sorry Anth, if you had other ideas, but here’s where I say:
Fuck no, man. Stay banned; Stay gone, dude. Locked.

Sorry, I forgot about this. Yes he can stay banned for what he did.