School trip..... TO BERLIN! xD

So on Thursday, at 3AM GMT, I will be at school waiting for the coach to take us to the airport.
at 8PM CEST I will be up the East Berlin TV tower. 2 hours later I will be in bed hoping that if I fall asleep, nobody will draw on my face.

Up at 8AM next morning then lots of museums and stuff and a walk along where the Berlin Wall once was before bed at 10PM again.

Saturday, up at about 5 or 6AM then quickly eat before going to the airport to fly back home.
10AM GMT I am back in the UK to go home and then sleep.

That was a very long winded way of saying, I’m not around from Thursday to Saturday.I might be on Saturday evening, but I will be very fucking tired :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to proceed saying how lucky I am or shaming on the fact i have to be up so early.

Its only 3AM xD hope its cool though

Have a good time. No goose stepping and Nazi salutes though. (They get just a tad angry)

The trip sounds awesome! Enjoy it!

Have a great time!

EASYJET :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


RYANAIR :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Have fun! And no, you cannot “Hail Five” In east berlin.

Its easy jet, our school didnt want to appear cheap so they chose the 2nd cheapest airline possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Very Nice! :smiley:

Edit: Wait second cheapest??? Tsk Tsk they are falling behind xD

Um, just asking but isn’t that where like HALF of WWII was fought? ??? OOOOOOO Da zombes iz gon’ getcha!

lucky wait 2ND cheapest so the plane will crash since its 2ND cheapest huh

Nah. Airbus FTW!!!

A319 EasyJet=Cheap Fares, Good Plane

Nah. Boeing FTW, Dreamliner awwwww yea

If its Boeing, Im not going…jk but you get my position

Then I see you are into planes, makes sense from your avatar. Plus my family tends to fly on Boeing’s or that’s what we end up on, I don’t particularly care xD



Guys, I got back yesterday…

There is an Airbus factory near me xD It’s where the A380 wings were made :stuck_out_tongue:

Im german and i know allot of germans and yes if you talk about world war two they do get angry