School Time Off Thread

Well school is starting again, and lots of people just arent going to have the time to get onto the server. So instead of having hundreds of sappy messages about people leaving, I decided to put them into this thread. That is if anyone wants to use this.

I might as well go first. It’s been a great summer building with all of you, but I have almost all advanced classes and one hard AP class. Will have weekend time to get on, other than that I just wont be on. So I hope you guys do good without me! Will keep checking forums/dynamap.

So far it’s Semi and I leaving. And I know lots of you got school, so who’s going first?

I’ll be having to take a leave also. School will be taking up a lot of my time, but I will try to come on whenever I can. This summer has been a lot of fun and it sucks seeing it go by so fast, but hey I kind of enjoy school somewhat for I can see all my friends and that. I still got until September, so I’ll make it last. I will try to stay on forums and Dynamap, but no promises there. Anyways, see you when I see you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m starting university in September, but until then it’s business as usual. I’m not going to class this as leaving as I’ll still be on every now and then (probably no less than I am now really).

I will be taking advanced courses too so I will only be on at the most once a week. My mother will kill me if my marks dip below a 90%…

I will still be online, but not as often. :slight_smile:

Ditto, although my scheduling at USMA has been kind of neat for this quarter; no afternoon classes. I’ll probably be around when I’m not doing homework for all of my morning classes that start at 0730.

Upcoming monday.

Will try to be on every day

Mine start in early September.NOTE: I likely wont be on a lot on Thursdays, I get home later on Thursday’s FYI.Every other day ill be on, but not so much.

As you can probably tell with my activity, I’m basically not going to be on at all.

I’ll still be online just not as much.

I’ll probably be online as much as I am now but I’ll try not to be

I’ll be online. Until I find a job that is. Then I will only be online when I’m not working.

after 3rd september i will be more offline.

From September you can expect my activity to slowly decrease as my workload builds.

i will be on rarely if not at all…ill try to post on forums…