School teachers

I’ve had a really tough time with the teachers at my new school, here, I’ll lay it out. Sorry for the cursing but I just can’t hold it.

Asshole = Guy teacher I don’t like
Bitch = Chick teacher I don’t like
Ok = They’re OK.

English - Bitch

ICT - Asshole

Geography - Asshole

Design and technology - Bitch

History - Ok

Art - Ok

French - Don’t like him well.

Religious studies - Bitch

Maths - Ok.

Games - Ginger.

P.E. - :smiley:

Science1 - Ok

science 2- Ok

Lastly, PSHCEE - Funny, but Asshole.

I might have left some out.

.-. you have 14 classes? wat4

Games - Ginger.


I’ll sum up my 3 lecturers from college.

1st guy: Foreign. VERY boring. Forgetfull. Doesn’t seem that good and is my least favourite.

2nd guy: Old, English, a little boring some times. Expirienced in teaching and is my best teacher.

3rd guy: Mixed-raced possibly. Doesn’t seem to shower much. Sounds like he has a cold. I don’t like him much.

Physics 1: Old fashioned, wierd sense of humor, kinda funny, insults people, calls people things like peasants, rolls his r’s a LOT.
Physics2: Strong accent (scouser/manchester?), Says what the bloody hells that? During explaining questions and such.

Biology 1: Old fashioned, fat, nick named ‘lumpy face woman’ when we were in year 7, strict.
Biology 2: Young, awesome, everyone just listens in his lessons, whereas they would piss around in other peoples.
Biology 3: Annoying voice. Not a bad teacher, people just dislike her, idk why xD

Chemistry 1: Welsh, okay, but if you finish work, you can guarantee she will find you more.
Chemistry 2: Always says ‘I know this is boring, but…’ then everyone is like STFU AND GET ON WITH IT.

Geography 1: Boring voice, patronising, but awesome.
Geography 2: Just, EPIC. Fat, beard, has been compared to a bear, and a chipmunk. Just generally awesome.

Other teachers -
Compulsary Welsh baccalaureate thing - a
Wales, Europe and the World: Ginger, baby faced, very welsh, fairly annoying.
Tutorial lessons: No idea where hes from. Teaches languages in lower years. Glasses, kind of annoying, but alright.
Form tutor: Art teacher, okay, strict-ish.

PE-Sadistic dude
Tech Theater-weird chick
Algebra-old dude
Heath-young strange dude
English Arts-funny young dude

Here is my sophmore layout:
6:30AM-8:00AM: COMPSCI( java programing UIL)- Mrs.Shawrtzlose: kinda mean, but im a teachers pet :smiley:

1st Period:IPS/Child development-Mrs.Petri: Fun and easy class

2nd Period: CHEMISTRY PRE-AP-Mrs.Pittman: Hard class. and very easy to get off topic teacher :wink:

3rd Period: World Histroy: Coach Wyatt: BEST CLASS. Funny ass teacher that makes fun of history and french people.

4th Period:Theater Arts: Mrs.Houghton: Easy, Boring, and teacher is kinda odd.

5th Period: English II Pre-AP: Mr.Shoemaker: Awesome shakespear loving, IQ of 200 teacher.

6th Period:Geometry Pre-AP: Mrs.Lyons: Easy class, we just do work and she doesnt grade it :smiley:

7th Period: Spanish II: Senora Jhonnson: Soooo Lame… 100’s on tests, but i dont bother to spend 10hours copying vocab in spanish 3 times and once in english every day. XD

All in all. Bio was my lowest at 74. everything else was like 85+ and 97’s

  1. GTT- obese but not imobile, had an interesting childhood but a bit of an ass (plays WoW during class)

  2. flight (studyhall)- uberbitch

3.AP science- ehhh shes okay, starting off the year in physics was a bit hard :’(

4.LA- lady is an easy as fuck teacher a bit strung and a bit crazy :o

  1. AP US history- pregnant lady, room smells wierd, puts up with a lil bullshit but will not allow talking during a lesson(shes on bedrest right now, dont like the sub -_-

  2. AP math- teacher is awesome but work load is alot to me .-. (AKA failing hardcore) production- highlight of the day, awesome teacher, great class, so much fun

  1. tennis- teach is a math teacher… im passing but i didnt make the team. i hope i do though .-.

We have blocks so only 5 classes right now.

Honors Chemistry: Odd, but nice and hella easy class
Student Gov: what can I say… I’m building 4 computers for the class :>
Spanish 2: Easy teacher but not very good… still doing good though
AP Euro: Fat teacher, prob 350-400lbs. Hard class. Still have an 80% but its weighted so its an A.
Honors English 10: Really good teacher, boring though, grades hard. Weird mole in his face. Barely an 80 cmon grade my essay already.

My Turn!

English (F): Quite funny, Doesn’t wear shoes in the classroom for some reason, a bit fat.

Maths (F): Annoying, doesn’t shut up about how her ‘5 Year old daughter’ apparently does quadratics better than us, can’t control the class - last year we managed to force her into mental breakdown. (Accidentally of course)

Physics (M): A bit fat, doesn’t let you piss around but still controls the class.

Chemistry (F): Slightly annoying voice, tries to be funny, thinks you are a bit thick if you don’t get your target grade.

Biology (M): EPIC, lets you piss about as long as you shut up when he speaks, his version of quiet is about as loud as a jet engine (Exaggerations FTW)

ICT 1 (F): Fat bitch, isn’t a qualified teacher yet, gives detentions for no reason.

ICT 2 (M): Good, gives you slightly too long to do coursework.

Catering (F): Annoying, bearable.

German (F): Accidentally slips in and out of speaking English, expects everyone to learn 100 words per month no matter what disabilities they have.

RPS (F): Nice, never makes you do too much work, all lessons are a wind-down.

History (M): EPIC, keeps everyone interested all the time, lets you talk all lesson, activities are always fun even if they involve writing.

Gingers always deserve their own category

In my experience, they should keep school strictly to ‘Shit you need to know as a kid’ until you’re 21. Then college should be a mandatory thing where you learn some of the REAL important shit (advanced algebra and science just to name a few). At such young ages I find it funny these school systems think they have any real effect on the majority of students. I should know, I was one of those kids that didn’t pay attention unless it was interesting to me. Reflecting back now, if I went through school at my current age I’d actually have the patience and attention required to learn some of the things they’re teaching.

I barely passed my Government class in high school because the whole idea of government was so fucking boring to me that I slept majority of the time. Looking back now, if I attended a Government class at 21 I think I’d be more inclined to learn about it.

All in all, the entire school system is a wreck and these idiots leading it have no idea how to properly run a system that WORKS.

Half of students drop out of High School and a smaller percentage attend college, with the majority not going due to various reasons, specifically money issue.

In my experience, they should keep school strictly to 'Shit you need to know as a kid' until you're 21.
well that about sums it up, schools are extremely assinine. they should teach us life skills at this point not some advanced algebra/functions etc etc.... but then again what do i know? im just 14 .-.

They made me slice open a F*CKING kidney… I mean… WTF?

in my country, we are not legally allowed to drop out, so that means my private school gets all the public school rejects, espellee’s and SOME nice new kids, in all though, my high school is only about 50-80 kids so its pretty close-knit…

as for teachers, this semester i got…

1.Science -pleasingly lump nice man with a beard

2.PE -young guy who spends more time explaining then we do running

3.Bible -the principal… mind you we have like 3 of them.

4.Math -really crazy grey haired guy who drinks tons of coffee by the time we get there

5.Lunch -Food is my teacher here :wink:

6.ELA -the little kid’s gym teacher, nice enough lady though

7.Film media -same as sci, but he is somehow more interesting :wink:

For the most part I have to agree nek, but for the kids that can learn at a higher level (including me) they should be able to do that, but not forcing it upon everyone.

I should say that I do intend this for not extra classes but main classes.

i actually wish my school had some higher levels of learning for gr.9’s, the ICT course is utter crap, its the basics of computers and Microsoft office… i learnt all that in 20 pages of my brother’s UNI textbook.

lol i didnt even have to go that far, i looked around, checked out what everything did, and learned the ins and outs of M/O… my Freshman Seminar teacher doesnt know as much as computers as i do XD

Well, i guess i should post mine…

1st - (F) Biology (a sophomore class) pretty entertaining
2nd - (F) English 1 - boring shouldve been in English 2
3rd - (F) Freshman Seminar - BORING AS FUCK
4th - (M) Band - EPIC
5th - (M) PE - Ehh its PE what do you expect?
6th - (F) Latin 1 - Pretty cool, difficult grammar lessons
7th - (M) Honors Geometry (Sophomore class) strict doesnt let you talk >.<

that pretty much sums it up right?

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Well, i guess i should post mine…

1st - (F) Biology (a sophomore class) pretty entertaining
2nd - (F) English 1 - boring shouldve been in English 2
3rd - (F) Freshman Seminar - BORING AS FUCK
4th - (M) Band - EPIC
5th - (M) PE - Ehh its PE what do you expect?
6th - (F) Latin 1 - Pretty cool, difficult grammar lessons
7th - (M) Honors Geometry (Sophomore class) strict doesnt let you talk >.<

that pretty much sums it up right?