Hello! I made this post because I have a few questions about the Schematica mod and whether it certain elements of it are allowed on the server. If you don’t know what Schematica is, it is a building aid mod that allows you to load “ghost” schematics of builds from other worlds as a guide if you are rebuilding something.

I’m pretty sure that the main ghost schematic element of the mod was allowed before, I’m pretty sure I saw it in a thread, but I was wondering if a new element of the mod, called Printer, where you right click on the ghost schematic and it builds for you when you right click on a certain area (but not instantly) would be considered an unfair advantage. I don’t think it should be because unlike other mods, it is really easy to use meaning anybody could use it. I would like to hear everybody else’s opinion as well.

Currently discussing in staff boards

This has been discussed before, Here

I think it’s a good mod, but people may use it just to download things from the internet, build it, then claim it’s their own and get all the credit, and maybe even get a warp that they shouldn’t have. I only save things that I build as schematics and they’re usually vehicles or roads to save time going back and copying them, block-for-block.

Do not consider that discussion post as reasons to use it. We’ve had a lot of cases (more bad than good) regarding the mod since that post was created and as Ruby said we are currently making final decisions about the use of this mod as we speak and will probably have a final decision reached within the week.

just in case the moderation of the ban question comes up here’s a little answer:

Has a decision been made yet or is it still being discussed? :-\

I will bump the discussion.

[size=12pt]A decision has been made!

Please see this thread