Schematica related Questions

Hello Staff,

I am at the moment doing an airport and I want to copy an airplane of mine because I would like it perfectly the same as the other one. So I had some questions.

Can I copy my own builds on the server and see the ghostly image of it?

Can I copy my own builds to later do in my worlds, because I made a lot of effort and I would like to save it somehow.

I just did not want to get banned for using Schematica so I wanted to ask these questions



For your first question, Schematica is banned. No ifs, ands, or buts. It’s caused too much trouble in recent events and we don’t want to have to deal with it again.

Your second question is more of a SOP question. I’m almost 100% certain that if we were to reset the Creative map, a download of the previous map would be available, and you’d be able to continue working on the airport if it was incomplete. A map reset most likely will not happen for quite a while, though, so you should be safe. I hope I’m not reading this the wrong way.

Oh. 1st question. I asked a couple days ago to some staff (won’t mention names), answered my first question with a. yes its ok, but only your own builds. So I wanted to double check.

2nd Ok thanks!

To avoid conflict, just avoid Schematica regardless of the purpose.

I believe you’re allowed to use a save of your own work and use the ghost tool, but cannot print or save other people’s work. Could any SOP or Admin confirm this?

That’s what you told me when I asked you. @Wairoa @_andy @madant79 @Mannriah ?

That is my understanding of the rules. You can load schematics and use the ghost view and save your builds as schematics, but you cannot use the printer or save a schematic of other people’s builds.

Thank you Octo!

Just want to be 150% sure.
I can copy a schematic of my own airplane and see the ghostly image of it right?

Sorry if I am being boring.
I just do not want to have problems with this.

I agree with this. Printing and saving (potentially even stealing) are the biggest gripes we have with Schematica.


Yay!! Thank you Staff!

Someone can go and lock this up my question has been answered.