Scavenger Hunt! (With a twist)

Greetings fellow searchers! Piehole here, and I’m hosting a Scavenger Hunt today!

This isn’t any ordinary scavenger hunt though… basically, you start out with nothing and you try to get as many different varieties of blocks as possible! So blocks, tools, decorations all count towards your overall score, but only one of each item can be counted. You’ll get 15 minutes and put the items in your chests I provide.

Event is scheduled for 9:00 pm central or in 10 and 1/2 hours from now.

Oh, and the winner gets a diamond block and everyone can keep what they found! Happy Easter!

Sounds fun, I’ll be there :smiley:

My entry is in wildefay waiting for u

It’s a timed thing, you can’t submit an entry before it’s begun!

It is done! Thanks to all who participated! Happy Easter/420/Hitler’s Birthday! QQ