Scavenger Hunt In GuestTown!

TPPOS: -2040 64 1328

Okay, so I got bored and made a Scavenger Hunt in Guest Town.
(Guest Town courtesy mostly of Mark and I, plus others that I currently don’t have the names of…)

Alright, so you are to start facing NORTH, behind the red block. The red block should be your starting point for counting. I highly recommend you bringing a stack of dirt to count, a piece of paper to keep track of your clues and maybe keep a calculator handy. I made this pretty simple, yet difficult. When having to turn a certain direction, make sure to do a complete 90 degree turn. So for example if you’re going forward and you are asked to go left, land on the last counted square, turn 90 degrees towards the left, start counting from there.

A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6… etc.

  1. Go left ‘J’.
  2. Go left 3 times the amount of last number.
  3. Go left half of your previous amount.
  4. Go left ‘J’.
  5. Go left half of last number.
  6. Go right, double the amount of last number. (‘J’)
  7. Go left, double your previous amount.
  8. You should see something of a specific color there. What is that item?
  9. Follow the specific color you have stumbled upon.
  10. Go left ‘A’.
  11. Go right ‘X’.
  12. You should be presented with a certain clue. Follow the clue.
  13. You should now recognize something of a familiar color here. Follow that item.
  14. There’s something within the area you are in that doesn’t belong. Do you see it?
  15. What tool would be needed in order to harvest this intruder? (DO NOT HARVEST SAID BLOCK/BLOCKS)
  16. How many letters are in that word?
  17. There should be the amount of letters from your last clue of the intruder item somewhere close by. Try to find it.
    (There’s answer 15’s amount of answer 13’s close by)
  18. You should see a sign upon finding this/these said item/s.
  19. Go backward 4 blocks.
  20. Go right 3 time ‘J’.
  21. Look around, you should see clue #20.
  22. The item you have found should be somewhere around the exterior area of where you are currently, look carefully.
  23. Go left 3.
  24. Go right ‘T’.
  25. Without moving, look to your left. There should be a clue there. Add the letters within that word and move forward that specific amount.
  26. Look left again without moving forward, there should be a clue. Repeat the last step and add the letters individually. Go forward that amount once again.
  27. There should be a familiar item nearby, follow the path of that item towards your next clue.
  28. Follow the clue.
  29. Count the amount of banners you see forward.
  30. That number should be in Red, LARGE numbers somewhere around the island. (You may use Dynamap to do so if you’re unable to fly.) PS: Cheaters beware, there’s 3 other decoy numbers as well. :wink:
  31. Spot the closest 3 alike items, there should be a block of an unusual color placed nearby.
  32. Go back towards the town and find a specific room adorned to the color of the unusual block from the last clue.
    Hint: It’s near where you started your quest at.
  33. The door requires a certain password. Password hint: Two-times I.
  34. You notice there are a lot of chest, 1 of the chests within the room unlocks to the password. Add the letters to my actual USERNAME. That final number will be your password.

Good luck!
Let me know what color the item in that last chest is to claim your prize! Do so my PM’ing me.

woah. This is quite a hunt! :smiley:

I had no idea there was a GuestTown…

Let’s ensure it doesn’t go the way of the last one. For those of you who weren’t around then, it was an absolute 24/7 grief party.

Last GuestTown was a complete waste of time. I’m banning every dick-hole to grief the place. Simple as that. :wink:

I hope it’s doable! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s kinda tough, I redid it myself to recount and make sure everything was good, and I believe it is. For the current time being, Twan is the only one who has made it through!~

I have just completed it but have 0 idea to what the passcode might be.

//hsphere tnt 35

omg i’m such an idiot

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