Save Your Coordinates!

With a Bukkit update to 1.6 coming within the next week, we will start the changeover to the new maps. This means all warps, inventories and homes will be removed. Please save the coordinates of your towns or houses if you ever want to visit the map again.

And I’m not back yet. Derp. Semi prease save our house :)))))

Are we saving both creative and survival, or just survival?

FYI, if the map is visible on the dynmap, you can retrieve coordinates from there as well.

So basically the old map will be gone, the current map will be staff only, and new large biome map?

I accidently updated to 1.6, and i cant get back on the map

you will have to either downgrade or wait for Spec to update everything Tweaky to downgrade.

The new launcher lets you select which version of Minecraft you want to use. Just select the version before you log in.

Just whatever you do, don’t run MCpatcher with the new launcher. It messed things up wickedly for me and I need to reinstall minecraft tomorrow.

Note to self, get wanted items, get enderchest, get on. Preferrably backwards…

What part of completely fresh start don’t people get? There will be no buildings or items moved over. Inventories will be wiped, which includes ender chests.

about how long until the new setup is integrated? is it going to wait until a new spawn is setup or is it just going to start out in the middle of nowhere?
It’ll be about five weeks before the USMA semester starts up again and I have consistent internet access; I’m wondering how much of a headstart everyone will have :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no definite date for the changeover to 1.6.2. Bukkit seems to be a fair way off releaseing a Beta build, and the plugin developers will have to update their plugins too. After that we need to test all our plugins and configure the server. Once that is all done the server will go live with the updated build. We will probably let people into the map straight away without a spawn being built.

Yay for a group spawn?!?!?

This is actually how we did things on the old 1.2 map. We all started straight away in our new jungle Biome that was not too far away from the original spawn point (treetop) and then ended up starting to make a spawn at the spawn point, and then Spec changed it to that island and creating spawn there. It will be fun to be able to do that again! ^.^