Santos Dummont

On this day, exactly, 110 years ago, in Paris, Santos Dummont, A Brazilian, was the first man to fly in a plane, the 14-bis, in front of the air committee of France. So, let's celebrate! If it wasn't by him we wouldn't be traveling from a place to other so fast, we wouldn't visit our families so easily!
NOTICE: The Wright Brothers used a catapult on their first flight and didn't have any proof to say that they flown first, even if they did, it was in a flyer that depended on catapults and wind.
 Actually, he died in 1932, unfortunately, by suicide, when he saw that his plane was been used to kill man, and not to connect them.

Sadly, it’s a fact of humanity that any technological advancement made will eventually be used for violence. Examples include: basically everything.

flashbacks to hitting people with flowers in super smash bros

I haven’t heard of Santos-Dumont, and his achievement of being the first human to fly an aircraft heavier-than-air by its own means of propulsion. I feel deceived from what I’ve learned, as a child, about being educated that only the Wright Brothers invented flight. I have to thank you, Este, for notifying everyone that Santos-Dumont, and other lesser known aviators, attempted and some have succeeded in flying one of the first aircrafts in history.

It’s terrible that this invention soon lead to the use of mass-producing fighter planes in World War I, II, and the events afterwards. People continue to die in mass graves, in certain parts of the world, from bombing campaigns to airstrikes. It is important to note that whenever humans make breakthroughs in such a short period of time, many would use them to kill their enemies, rather than for the benefits it holds in improving society.

Still, I am happy to see that the use of aviation has improved, in how people can go to locations much faster than any other forms of transportation. I will remember Santos-Dumont for his successful flight, and tell other people about it.