Same player different account

Hey I got an new account it’s valo1 and I was wondering if I can become trusted rank

Wait, why’d you buy minecraft 2 times?

… this seems like something else. i think you got a friend who is valo1 and you both want to be trusted. i do not think this would be a good idea untill the other “account” is reviewed

Before I was using a friends account now its my own

Just meeting him in game should be enough to convince me it is the same person. We can ask questions or something.

I just wonder if the person we knew in game was actually him or not.

No he doesn’t play I only play on this server

Were you Trusted beforehand?

Because I don’t think so if I recall.

I wasn’t I want to be now :slight_smile:

Well, Trusted rank is earned, not given. You’ll have to come back online more often and give us a reason to trust you.

And in case you think of it, please don’t use the OP Application to apply for Trusted rank. That’s not how promotions to Trusted work and it will not help your chances. I say this because there’s been an influx of people applying for Trusted with the OP Applications, and it is not the proper way to get promoted.