Sackets Harbor, Victoria & Bayside:

I’m the owner of the Victoria city wedged between the two of these cities.

This post is aimed to the owners of Sackets Harbor and Bayside.

Due to our cities expanding and the recent news of the National Railway project,
I was thinking that we ought to create some sort of co-existing government/jurisdiction, in which we can as a whole, plan where our cities expand, what projects we can interlink and work on together (such as the Nation Railway project) and so forth! We ought to come up with a name for our region of the map as well.

(Where we plan could be perhaps a forum thread where we can communicate with one another)

Here are some problems I would also like to address:

  1. Lack of communication between the 3 cities.

  2. Bayside and Victorias borders should be respected - The Bayside Airport was built extremely close to the Victoria Castle, in which both styles completely clash. I would suggest we figure out a way to divide this unmarked region properly, perhaps a dense forest that isn’t touched, shielding the view of the Castle from Bayside and the Airport from the castles view, and a road leading to the airport be built within Bayside (recently an op reset a whole chunk in that area removing the road, this will not be reverted)

Current Projects Improving Borders and also Integration

  1. I have widened and improved the highway between Bayside and Victoria, creating more open space, making the two cities feel less built up to each other, and I have also created a small forest which helps separate Victoria from Bayside on the side in which Victoria owns, as in the end we are two seperate cities.

  2. A largely growing highway system has linked Sackets Harbor to Victoria in a neat and orderly fashion, and we ought to help Bayside link neatly to it, making sure it doesn’t impact on our claimed lands in a large way.

Below is an Ariel image of our cities w/colour coding:

Red=Victorias Current Border
Blue=Baysides Current (Apparent/Estimation) Border
Black= Sackets Harbor (Again Apparent/Estimation) Border
Purple=Victorias Proposed Expansion
Light Blue= Is a suggestion for Baysides to expand into
(As for Sackets Harbor, - due to your road system, you have claimed a very large amount of land - I don’t think expansion is something to worry about now?)

Sorry, what news of a National Railways expansion project? As far as I know, National Railways currently has no plans to expand in that direction (yet), please confirm, @YoshioTanabe?

The only rail system currently in the area is @jia0020’s BRE (he also owns Bayside), which is still under construction.

That being said, hopefully NR will soon expand into this region of the map…

Just branch out your own Train Network! Maybe the NorthEast Express as a suggestion since its in the NE of the map o:

These three cities are an extreme distance from any city in the Acra City/Raymont/Epsilon area. I wouldn’t get your hopes up, David, at least in the near future… sorry! jia’s BRE is a great way to get it connected though, and that’s managed by PCB Subway, whose owners are AGx and TheUKOctopus! Thanks for your request, though, David! I recently found my house in Victoria, by the way! :slight_smile:


Sacket’s Harbor is sort of an ameboic mass expanding in each direction. I have so many concurrent projects it’s hard to keep track of them. Tried to enumerate them here:

Desert will be terraformed over to grass with the exception of “airport island”. Plan on drawing out highway tunnel that runs south immediately adjacent to Sacket’s Harbor’s high-rises toward that particular landmass.

As per the OP, I’m wholly supportive of planned Victoria expansion eastward. I’ve built a single subway station so far, with the intention of linking it to a combined surface/subsurface electric rail system drawing westward, with which I’m perfectly happy to link to either of the two neighboring cities.

I’ll have a word with ag today on expanding the BR lines.


Yes, I know it’s a large distance, I ment in recent news of your large railway project, these three cities could think of something :3, and oh did you? XD

Yeah, I could configure, my underground stations to link to this project. Hopefully @jia0020 will want to link as well.

“OH BABY A TTTRRRIIPPPLLEEEE”, but seriously don’t triple post even if you are trying to respond to everyone indiviualy, it’s better to use the modify button.


I was thinking that Bayside Regional Express will become a seperate rail network but PCB Subways and National Railways can still co-run trains/rails along these lines

Sacket’s Harbour and Victoria will be part of the inner NE-loop

and Sacket’s will be part of the Link to join Northern Cities/Towns.

@David9336 Hey, David!

Now that National Railways is managing jia’s BRE project (which I think is called NEC now), there could very well be some connections in the near future! Next time we meet in-game, we can discuss!

President & Founder
National Railways
“Expanding Horizons”

Hello Yoshio,

There are two current lines in development, the Bayside-Sackets-Victoria Loop (Gold) and the Bayside Regional Express (Empire-Bayside) lines. These lines will hopefully be completed soon.

This is the link to the planned lines:

Founder and CEO/CFO
NEC Railway Group
“The Northern Line”

Part of National Railways
“Expanding Horizons”

@jia0020 This is what I like to see! Nicely worded letter! :smiley: Anyway, thanks for the link, it looks great! Do you you think there’s any possibility of reaching these three towns anytime soon?

President & Founder
National Railways
“Expanding Horizons”

@YoshioTanabe Yes it is possible, but under circumstances because of exams and stuff. This project has been on Suspended for the past few weeks. It will start up again around the 1st December 2014. Construction will take approximately 7-14 days for the Bayside-Sackets-Victoria Loop to be finished.

Bayside-Empire Line will undertake a redesign phase where we migrate some of the rails to surface rails due to massive underwater construction phase taking too long.

Founder and CEO/CFO
NEC Railway Group
“The Northern Line”

Part of National Railways
“Expanding Horizons”

Yup, saw the earlier post! I’ll be on actively, so I guess I’ll be seeing you around the 1st?

President & Founder
National Railways
“Expanding Horizons”

I’ve been wanting to expand my new highway system NASHRA (National Assosiation of Super Highways, Roads, and Avenues) to the area. David, would that be OK?

[size=14pt][b]Hello, this is for all to read, I would really like for this small green space to be left untouched, as it is the only natural divider for Victoria and Bayside :slight_smile: Lets not avoid the fact there would be a horrible clash in style of cities if this small green patch was ruined.


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