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Medieval is dying:I thought if we were to start a project similar to that of the big city but for rustic then we:Together:Could bring this style back:I would take all the responsibilities but would need commands or a staff members full support in doing this

                          Well What else is there to say really just sign that book


You can go ahead and build a medieval city in our Creative map but nowhere near enough players build in the Medieval style for your idea to have its own map like Big City. Also I don’t really see why you’d need a staff members full support when the medieval style requires minimal world edit

For the worldguard and testworlds etc:For transferring builds etc
Why i need staffs support*
Thats exactly why i want to do this
Not enough players*

You still don’t really need the staff help for a project like this. WorldGuard isn’t necessary for what you’re making out to be a community project, and as Hywel pointed out, the medieval style doesn’t really have enough momentum to demand its own world. You just said it yourself – there aren’t enough players. We’d need demand from a sizeable portion of players before we as the staff try and instate any sort of medieval build project.

Again, as Hywel said, feel free to make a medieval town in Creative. Anyone is still welcome to help out there.

The thing is I feel like you don’t realise what is needed in preparation and framework to make something like BigCity.
There’s 3 main point I want to make,

The first one is Big City is set to a strict theme and time that helps drive what the city will look like. I would not consider about 75% of Big City as modern anyway (imo most if not all modern things are built from roughly the 2000’s onwards). Since Big City has it’s set theme/time it is well organised and flows well (stylistically).
—> You have described this new “BigCity” as one using a medieval/rustic style (you described many different themes in game). If you cram shit from different styles, themes and times together, they will not flow, and they will not look good. In addition to that, a lot of medieval looked very much the same based on its region, so combining the stony thatched houses from style-A and putting them next to wooden shingle houses from style-B will look tacky.

The second thing is man-power. Big City, over its VERY LONG period of existence, has had many people working on the buildings there. It took a lot of time, energy and logistics to achieve what we have so far. Lately we’ve had little contribution to the map, so if “modern” is taking over as you say and is more popular, what does that make medieval? It definitely seems you don’t have the man-power to do this since as you said, medieval is not popular.

The third thing is time. Something so supposedly impressive that it requires its own map is obviously going to take a lot of time. It takes years and years and years to build up a project, and the less manpower you have the longer it will take (see second thing). I’ve seen in many instances big and ambitious projects much like this one (usually smaller than this) fail as a result of a lack of time, and a lack of patience because it takes so much time.

In addition to all this, the staff probably don’t want to take on this role, we already have a lot of work cut out and taking on more tasks/strain is not a great idea because it leads to less work done.

just start in creative and make it big and if it is very popular and growing you can always attempt at asking again. But the admins are not going to make a separate world just for something that can not lift up from the ground that easy.
also have you seen the people online lately? there are more people in ftb then in vanilla