{=-Royal Projectian Cruise Lines, Int'l-=}

[ul][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list]Hello All,

IT has come to my attention that nobody has attempted to make a cruise line for Project City Build. My idea is based off a recent cruise I took on Royal Caribbean. I'm thinking we (PCB) can/could have a port, docking center, and the cruise line. RPC is now the OFFICIAL abbreviation for this underway operation. I chose not to call this a project. My buddies on here probabaly know what's happened to 15 ships before this, which I called projects. Those failed. But with YOUR help we can be building ships immediately. Besides, what better way to represent the seven seas and PCB? SO: What we need is builders. Good builders. I will be the ''CEO'' of this - so all things will be run by me - in two ways: I will command all operations and people need to ask me to enlist a member. I also mean ''run by me'' in another way: When people want to start a new something something on the first ship, they will NEED to ask me. So what do you need to join this club? A lot. That's the basic answer. Nah, just giving you guys crap! There is a list of things needed below for joining - there is also a list of things for our first ship below that as well.

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[list type=decimal]
[li][/li][/list] You need to know ships and be familiar with them.
[list][li][/li][/list] Cruises. You do not have to have been on a cruise, just a ship. (This is optional and will only have minimal affect on your application.)
[/list] Skills - you need to know how to curve the bow perfectly. A single defect could veer a new member off course. No pun intended.
This is all, for now.

The ship will be 210-225 blocks long. This may seem like a lot of space, however with dedication it can and will be done.
[list type=decimal]

[li][/li][/list] Rooms #2005-4576
[list][li][/li][/list] Twelve decks.
[/list] 20-45 elevators, spread out.
[list type=decimal]
[li][/li][/list] Play theatre.
[list][li][/li][/list] Grande Projectian Casino.
[/list] Guest Services Room and Shore Excursions Room on deck 5.
[list type=decimal]
[li][/li][/list] Large dining room, on the stern of deck 5.
[list][li][/li][/list] Level /Deck 2 of Play Theatre.
[/list] Ship souvenir shop + at least 4 other shops.
[list type=decimal]
[li][/li][/list] Photo Shop
[list][li][/li][/list] Café
[/list] Art Gallery
[list type=decimal]
[li][/li][/list] 5 restraunts on Floor 6.
[list][li][/li][/list] Platinum and Diamond Clubs.
[/list] Rooms #4577-4647.
[list type=decimal]
[li][/li][/list] Spec. Rooms #0-15 and 15-60
[list][li][/li][/list] Main Café
[/list] Whirl Pools.
[list type=decimal] 2 Main Pools.

[list][li][/li][/list] More whirlpools.
[list][li][/li][/list] Small Park - Café.
[/list] SPA & Fitness Centers.
[list type=decimal]
[li][/li][/list] Kids Center
[list][li][/li][/list] Teens Center

[/list] Nursery and Video Arcade
[list type=decimal] At least 150 Restrooms throughtout the ship. (NOTE: THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE PERSONAL RESTROOMS.)
[list][li][/li][/list] Climbing Wall
[list][li][/li][/list] Concierge Club
[/list] Build Crown Lounge
[list type=decimal]
[li][/li][/list] Asian Restreaunt
[list][li][/li][/list] Small Jail Cell.[/ul]
History of ship exhibit.

That’s all, thanks and remember to apply for membership with this link: http://projectcitybuild.com/forums/index.php?topic=12199.0

I have a aircraft carrier that’s waiting to be converted into a cruise ship off the coast of Dubai if you feel you could add it to the RPC ( Yes, I still own it for those who are in Lucite, I may aswell say that there have been some “off the books” military operations concerning pre UAE)

build the S.S. Rotterdam!

Rotterdam can be like the “first ship” and can be a museum ship in the port. Btw, I’m basing this first port off of port canaveral. And I’m basing the second ship off of the vision of the seas. @Vexnorz sure I could probably convert it. We’d just have to demilitarize it, the hulk can stay. Probably. And also, if Lucite needs a port, it’s ok to ask… If water surrounds it.

I could help with basic stuff. (ex: making floors, furnishing rooms, etc)

Sure. Just would like to see some of your work.

I have a few cities.

I made almost every build in /warp st_martin

If you want to see more just msg me in game.

I can help here and there, I’ve been on 6 cruises, and going on my 7th cruise this Summer c:

Bring your tape measure :3

Guys, you aren’t really getting what I’ve tried to imply:
I will be doing the hull completely MYSELF
I need interior work, is what I need.

Nommy, what would you like to help with? The café’s ? Whatever it is, please tell me. THE PORT OF OPERATIONS WILL BE MODELED AFTER PORT CANAVERAL.

i was in talks with Del a while ago about building a cruise ship

@RJBud1 Dubai’s carrier was never really built, it’s more of a 1/4 done Quartz

Umm quartz? Yeah, I’ll have to re do it all…

EDIT: Actually let me see it later.

Id LOVE to furnish rooms, furnish the Café and some other things aswell :slight_smile: Although, 250 blocks seems pretty small for all of those commodities. But either way, count me in!

250 Blocks and… lemme check how wide. (Gotta see the ship)

EDIT: Around 275 Blocks long and 38 blocks (on the dot) wide.

BTW: Welcome to the team, jules167!

Sign me up for the Yachts


I’ll help decorate the interiors, RJ.

Alright, fine by me.

Since this thread is becoming quite popular, I made the title less “caps-y.”