Ronnie1155's Introduction

I have been playing on the server for a good 5-6 days now, and I have had a great experience in this community so far. It has to be one of the closest and helpful one’s I have seen so far in my experience on multilayer Minecraft so far.
I’m 16 years old, I am in my final year of School I am leaving from this date in 6 weeks and in September I will be taking a course in Computer science, and programming where I will be studying for 2 years.
From: United Kingdom

Thanks for reading


Welcome to the server! My nickname on PCB (or anywhere on the interwebz) is Anima, you can call me that :>

Welcome to the server man, hope to see you around.

Welcome to Project City Build! I hope you continue to have a good time here and if you have any questions just ask.

Appreciate the greetings!

P.S Won’t be on till Friday planning extensions and what to add to my survival area, as soon as I get home. If I have any questions I will be sure to ask (SacredDeathFlame) And Namillo. Oh nice to meet you Anima!

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Rada Rada Rada Rada Rada Rada
Welcome to PCB, hope you enjoy your stay :smiley:

Hi Ronnie welcome to PCB we do hope you enjoy many years on this server. Yes it is the best one around for friendliness and helpfulness.
I too am from England so you will probably see me on during day and evening. Anything you need help with let me know mate.

Welcome =D

I already helped some but if you still need help just ask =D

let’s have a Fun time

Welcome to PCB!

Thanks for the greetings!
and yet again Yomi you have been a great help i do appreciate it.

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Very cool with the Computer Science stuff, as it is a vastly growing field that is changing all the time. Hugely interesting.

Welcome! Nice to see our UK player base growing :slight_smile: