Roman City Project!

Yo yo yo

I have decided that I want to create a roman city and I need help doing it!
please say below if you would like to join :slight_smile:

Please note you need to download this texture pack!
(yes its 1.8 but it still works!).

Here is the stuff that need to be built!
-Spawn Area

  • Poor residential area

  • Middle class residential area

  • Upper class residential area e.g villas.

  • a big market square!

  • acropolis (top of mountain)

  • trajan forum-Arena
    -Statue of Colossus
    -Roman markets

This is just some of many ideas that the city could have! If you have any ideas please list below :slight_smile:

Note: the city has already started (Its currently small).

I hope you guys all want to join me and some others :slight_smile: if you so happen to want to join me, and I am on the server. Please tpa to me :slight_smile:

If you want to talk more in depth please add me on skype: tristanrobinson37.

Many thanks,


P.S sorry for all grammar errors! I’m pretty crap at English

Don’t forget to ask for my service whenever a dome needs building xD

Put me down with helping with the Harbor and building ships.

I willing to help when needed! Just let me know! =)

Any boats to do will be a pleasure