[/Hey, every1!

I want to build a rollercoaster on guestcity.

But I need help on it. Because it is to big.

Greetings, Stefanminecraftfont]


It’s a good idea, and i’ll help, but at the moment, guestcity is full save for op zones. We will have to wait till it is wiped again so there is actually space to build. Also, it shouldnt take up too many lots because it’s beginning to annoy the ops the amounts of structures taking up several lots. There is an airport that takes up about 14 lots which is just too much.

when it is reset

I agree about the airport. Resets occur whenever we feel it should occur. I suspect it will be soon.

lately ive been doing the resets, but if anyone disagrees when they occur or lose a building that they want back, then tell me =]

i was just talking to stefanminecraft and i had the idea instead of just a roller coaster i thought we should have a theme park i have built a ferris wheel next to his coaster

rollercoaster is done, Random make a roundabout

ok will work on it :slight_smile:


I would Like to note that my Buildings only take up 4 lots at max. tho my current one is only 2. lol