MAH. I lost a good half-hours worth of work on Valhalla…
Anybody know why the server did such a foul thing??

I don’t see any posts of someone reporting a rollback. If it was done, we should have gotten a message about it. Rollbacks are fairly serious and need to have some kind of announcement.

Does anyone know about this?

<---- hasnt been on enough to know about it. if there is anyway i can help today when i get on ill be more than happy to do so. just lemme know what i can do Kelz

Did this coincide with a server crash?
If so: Don’t worry about it, we know that it does this occasionally.

Ah, that seems more likely. Perhaps there was a crash and it did not save before the crash. Sorry it happened but there is little we can do about the crashes. Perhaps assist you in building what you lost? Would have to be volunteers of course.

May we lock this if that was the problem?