[glow=red,2,300][/glow]Ugh. I have been searching for a good rp server and what better place than to do it here! We should make up a specific time and place to roleplay at. I know it sounds crazy but it’s actually quite a great idea huh? So what do you say PCB?

I’m not against this, but not for it either. Honestly, roleplay just clutters chat and gets kinda annoying. Also, if things get serious, major conflicts can and will happen, as we’ve seen recently.

But if you wanna do it, go ahead. Just don’t be annoying.

Well I kinda don’t really know. The whole server is kind of hard to get their attention. I guess now that you mention it, this is not such a great idea. But, I am still going to continue rping with my friends. We use pm though. Thank you for replying. -Cookie