ROK International Meetup Day - PLEASE BE SAFE!

So basically, there’s a blog called Return of Kings that is organizing an international meetup day to promote men supremacy, and loosen rape laws. If you are a feminist, especially a POC woman, please be careful and avoid all spots close to the meet up locations, which can be found in the blog post above.

Every single one of you are amazing people, and race, religion, sexuality, or gender should not affect mine or anyone’s relationships with you, and I would hate to see any of you harmed or persecuted for these reasons.

If possible, notify your local news providers about this, and make sure that anyone and everyone is aware. Spread the word, be safe.

The founder is attempting to enter Australia for a meet up, and the AFP have said they will arrest him on arrival lel

Freedom of speech is a bitch sometimes…

Luckily there is no such thing in Australia, so if he comes here, he can be charged :slight_smile:

Australian laws >>>>>> Dendrocnide moroides


That shit is literally the worst pain i’ve ever experienced the hospital had to knock me out for two days after i brushed my arm against the leaf of that tree.

is this “meet up” really on February 6th? if it is it’s on my birthday :confused:

Really, this is just a large dose of persecution complex stirred up with a similarly large dose of misogyny and some hate slang. This is basically male feminaziism. Nothing new.

i think the canadian gov is doing something, idk but man, thats bad :confused: people can be dicks sometimes