Minecraft Username: rockyrover

Date of Ban: 05/15/2019

Banned by: MattDB

Reason for Ban: Using illegal potions, again

Reason to be Unbanned: I believe that I should be unbanned because my use of the potions was to kill off the large amounts of wolves that me, Matt, and Ammawesome had spawned in. My intention was to help keep the number down, not anything that would harm any other players. My intentions were not malicious; I knew that the dogs were to be killed and that I would not be harassing anyone. I will not be using those items ever again (which I shouldn’t’ve been using anyway).

Previous appeals: Yes, I was banned once for having illegal items, and another for harassing a player on the chat.

Rocky I think this may be around the fourth time someone has warned you and now the second time being banned for using illegal potions here, and I know you were just having fun, hanging around and thought “Hey these would be cool” or “This will clean up quicker”, but the illegal potions should not have been used. I know AMM and myself were using harm because of the immense lag the mobs (at least for me) caused, but that’s it, no illegal potions. I saw you swipe it in and out of your hand about ten times, and then saw you change it out of your inventory when I did /invsee. The wolves shot straight up into the air with that “Levitation” potion and another one was like, a harm, glow, whatever, potency 127 potion. As I did say the other day when Gordon alerted me of this but did not have evidence, I will ban you for a week. If you are caught again, it will be a longer penalty. I’d hate to do it again to you, so please cease this habit.

Banned for a week, see you then.

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Hey, Ferf here.

As Matt said, this isn’t the first, nor the second time you’ve been warned for NBT items. Somehow it continues to be a problem. I don’t care what the intended use of the items was— they are illegal. I don’t know how you haven’t internalized that yet. I’m gonna let Matt’s punishment sit although I think it should be longer. If this happens again, the punishment will be much harsher and your appeals process will be much harder. NBT items are not allowed under any circumstances.