Rocky Inlet Needs Towers

I am here to inform you, that my town, Rocky Inlet needs skyscrapers in the city’s Down Town area. In order to build a skyscraper, you need to show me another tower that YOU have already made. Don’t worry, the builds will not be put for sale without your permission. The style requirement is Modern. Please no inappropriate signs and be respectful to other’s builds. You may extend the road if you do NOT change the style. Please make sure that if there is an intersection, that you make the road like the others. Now remember, in order to build you need to show me a build that YOU made and I have to approve if you can build or not. You may only extend the road if it is REQUIRED, not just for fun. Happy Building, Potato321 :smiley:

Ok, well, to make things as easy as possible, (Plz don’t yell at me) just do /warp woodbury I would love to help


Ok Great! I’ll see you in-game. But idk why you said I would yell at you :o

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