robski11 - 13th of December, 2015


Minecraft Username robski11

Date of Ban 13th of December, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by MrFerf

Reason for Ban "Abuse"


I did not abuse. I stated the truth. PS: He has modified by ban appeal. If this continues, there will be problems…

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13th of December, 2015

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He didn’t modify your ban appeal, he modified his response. You were clearly being a nuisance, so you were banned.

Deal with it, dude, and move on. Your drama is something we do not want nor need in our community.

Never gonna happen.


As the other staff member involved with this in-game I fully agree with MrFerf’s decision to keep you permabanned.

You clearly twisted our words playing on the idea of ‘structure’ having a definition different to ours. You broke one of the main rules of the server which was simply: not build close to another city (in this case literally 1 block away) without permission.

We could have simply rolled-back or moved your creation away from the city and could have avoided any issues but instead you decided to deny the existence of this rule and when we pointed you the sign which states this rule in the Creative warp you said it wasn’t there when you were at the warp? How obvious a lie is that?

It appears to me that you started bending the words and tried to make out that we were in the wrong (staff members) instead of simply realising that you had broke a rule and owning up to it.

Adding further insult to injury you make a post on the website about @MrFerf ? How incredibly immature…


Oh, and it is impossible to modify your ban appeal.

It would break the appeal. Simple as that.