Minecraft Username: ROBLOXGAMER145

Date of Ban: 5/10/2020

Reason for ban: Griefing

Banned by: BroodingSet

Reason to be Unbanned: This was my very first time joining the server. I was been told that this was a creative server and we really can do whatever we want. But, when I joined the game I was really never warned or informed that griefing in the game by placing lava and destroying blocks would be against the rules and will result in a perm. ban. But now after understanding my ban, I would be willing to follow the rules and never grief ever again. And I would be willing to fix the destruction that I have caused in your server. I understand how much time you took to build these amazing beautiful structures. Even if you don’t unban me I still would thank your time for being able to read my appeal. Thanks, ROBLOXGAMER145.

Previous Appeals: No, this is my first appeal.


It’s pretty foolish to assume that putting lava everywhere and destroying blocks wouldn’t result in a ban. It’s also clearly stated at the Creative warp that you must read and agree to abide by the rules before leaving and that by leaving the spawn area you agree to do so. You either didn’t read the rules or chose to ignore them and plead ignorance.

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There’s no excuse for destroying other players builds. When you register as a member of the server, you understand and comply with the rules, clearly stating that “you cannot edit any work that isn’t your own,” which in this case was placing lava on the Wells Fargo Center in Los Angeles while writing “F***” on the roof of the building. Your ban appeal appears forgiving, but if you really didn’t know you couldn’t modify other player’s builds, you wouldn’t write defamatory words out of nowhere, which is why you’re banned permanently. If you choose to join another server, please reconsider following the rules while respecting other players.

These are three more screenshots I took on the same roof. The third screenshot was taken after the rollback, which is why the grief isn’t present, but indicates that you placed lava on the roof of the building.

Its now called lava fargo lol

Lava fargo is a good place to be LOLOLO

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Not really the way to try and get unbanned.
Seeing as you’re clearly not taking it seriously.