Road Signs

Heya everyone,

I’ve been making a few road signs in /warp map recently so if you have any requests just lemme know either on here or in game and I’ll try and build it :stuck_out_tongue:

can you make a Wisconsin County Road sign?

(heres an image if it helps:

Sure I’ll let you know when I’m done :slight_smile:

EDIT: Alright I’ve finished your map :wink: Just do /warp map then go to the coordinates

X: 760
Y: 50
Z: -270

Thx alot Hywell! :smiley:

But if its not too much to ask I would like 1 more sign done
A Wisconsin Highway sign
(Heres an image of whats it like:

can you make these signs pleeeeeeease? xo

If you make any left-hand drive road signs, please make some right-hand drive versions as well (counterclockwise roundabout, keep right…). Shouldn’t be too difficult (just //flipping)

The only reason I want left hand drive signs is because bigcity uses left hand drive.

Sure I can do all those

@EpicSilvahGaming I’ve finished the second sign

X: 640
Y: 50
Z: -260

Thank you :D, this’ll be the last for now

@Wairoa I’ve finished the roundabout sign and fuck me was it hard

X: 380
Y: 50
Z: 260

I’ll finish the others soon too :wink:

EDIT: Do you want the ‘Keep Left’ sign to be fit on one map or two maps?