RJ's Model Aircraft

Hey PCB! To burn some time off for myself (and you guys) I am going to show my model aircrafts and ships.
all the sudden its like show n tell in kindergarten

So the first one I’m deeply engaged in, is this 1:200 Scale Flight Miniatures FedEx 757.
Also if your wondering why its completely white, its because I got some acetone and a modelling brush and pretty much ‘‘erased’’ the original FedEx paint on it. If your wondering why I did that too, its because I’m going to convert it into my own model of a Cargo Jet 757-200F, and how I’ll do that is actually simple: Pour a cup of acetone. Use a brush or very fine sanding paper and rub the paint off. Buy a small can of Modelling Primer (usually $3-$4). Use an airbrush (or paint pen, or air canister of primer, OR a brush) to spray modelling primer and cover the entire model with a thin 2-3 layers of it. (The base of my model subject is white) Then find the decals you want for the aircraft on a site that sells them - example: v1decals.com Then after the model is dry and has sat for a day or two, apply the decals (hardest part IMO). I’ll update this little ‘‘blog’’ I guess you could say when I’ve made more progress.


Btw, sorry for the lousy first image of the model.


Sounds cool, btw why I haven’t been active is because I’ve been on FSX lol.

Lol I’m a FSX newbie, only player 3 times

yo Rj
i like model planes too,
where did u get that plane?
how much as well?

Hello Buns, I got the 757 from Flight Miniatures website - http://flightminiatures.com

It is $17.95, as most of there planes are.


Hey guys, sorry for late update, been a bit busy with MC and other matters. On a better note, I have started work on a 1/250 Concorde - Air France Pepsi livery.

The mold of it is on imgur, link below.