Rivernymph killed most of my cows

i don’t know hos Rivernymph but he/she killed my cows (i didn’t see her/him)
i do have screenshots but i don’t know how to put them on here

and i know it was her/him becouse she/he destroyed a block on my mushroom
and i also have a screenshot of useing the redstone block and saw it was he/she.

So can someone plz help me get my cows back and to figure out why she did this?


Ouhia spawned more cows for me so i thank them. :smiley:

Next time you can put screenshots here using imgur.com

Jakoba, if you wanna post an image, we use BBC coding here:

Upload to Imgur, Facebook,or another photo website,

right click the image, and click copy image URL

do img /img

and place the URL in between the two img (add brackets around the img and /img)

Or upload to photobucket

wasnt this locked??

It was.
Relocking as the situation has been dealt with and there was no really need of unlocking it. :stuck_out_tongue: