Rippor Alive or dead :P

Just to say hey sorry i haven’t dropped in had a lot of trouble for awhile now. :confused:

The latest being pc went to the grave yard … well now hes just about hanging there :confused:
and Internet is a no go for me atm but hopefully will be sorted in a few days other than that i just thought i would say yer im alive n well ish… and once things return to normal i will be back. sorry i dropped out but life just taken its hold.

Will message back when i’m able to play again :slight_smile:

Sorry and thanks


That uncovers one mystery. Anyone know what happened to R33B0K?

Aw, man. That sucks :confused: I hope you get a new laptop or something and fix the problem with your interent. I miss you big time!!! Please come back soon, Rip!

P.S. I just noticed and thought it was funny that if you don’t ever come back(which you will ;)) your name abbreviation is Rip or better said R.I.P.

Thanks yer think my rig is just hanging in there just need a few bits done, then the fact of the internet… and thanks pril it was infact an email i had that had ur name in it that reminded me of pcb fourm and thought i’d leave a message :slight_smile: hope to get things sorted n be back on line very soon :slight_smile:

And what ever happened to IslaNublar?

Rippor!!! I’ve missed you man! I really hope you can get your internet fixed. It’s nice to see your alive xD

Nice to see i was missed, yer scared been a while n yer have missed the PCB crew n hope to be back soon :slight_smile: